The Other Life ( Sequel of The Other One)

I have lived two lives. The first life I lived was in the Orphanage of angles and I was known as 01480 (or Willow). The other life was what I have been prepared for and I was named Mia. Then everything went wrong. Now, Jack and I must face a life on the streets as we experience this new life.


5. Escape- Jack's POV

A sudden cry in pain caused me to jolt up from my laying position.
" Willow?"

No answer.
I jumped off my bed and dashed out to the balcony; collapsed on the floor was Willow with a pained- look on her face.
"Willow! Can you hear me? Please wake up!" I exclaimed but with no response.
I picked her up into my arms and held her tight against my chest. I stroked back a loose strand of Willow's hair away from her face as I stood up from my sitting position. I wonder what hapened? I gently and carefully placed her on her bed and sat down on a nearby chair against it. I clasped her hand firmly with my own as I waited for her to wake up from her deep slumber.

                                                                         *      *     *

The sound of birds cheeping softly caused me to wake up. I must of fallen asleep- and by the looks of it, for the whole night. I glanced up to see Willow's eyes closed and her hand still in mine. She still hasn't woken up then. I let out a small sigh of dissapointment as I stood up. Well, I guess I should get ready for the day. As quick as lightning, I had clean clothes on and  a piece of toast hanging out from the side of my mouth; I had recently asked for room service and now I had gone back to Willow's bed to see if there had been any sign of movement. None. I sat back in the chair as I finished the last of the buttered, toasted bread. I then let out a small gasp as Willow cried out suddenly. I grabbed her hand as I exclaimed over her cries:
" It's okay Willow! It's okay, I'm here!"
She then unexpectedly shouted out my name as she leaped up from her laying position and into my arms. I hugged her back, encasing her shaking body.
" Sorry, about that. I woke up from a horrible dream. I'm sorry I worried you like that." Willow murmered.
" It's okay there's no need to apologise. I'm sure you've been through a lot, considering you collapased last night." I replied.
"Oh, yeah! I fainted didn't I?" Willow exclaimed.
" Yeah, that's right. What happened?" I asked puzzled.
" This may seem crazy but while I was out on the balcony, I heard something. It was a song. It was extremely loud and it was somewhat painful. Then, I blacked out."  Willow replied.

" Are you sure that's all that happened?" I questioned.
" Well, now that you mention it, something else did indeed happen. I remember seeing pictures that flashed through my head. There was, a sky blue room;almost white and a bed." Willow said.
" That does seem weird. Maybe we should go and see madame Louhi about it. She knows a lot about dreams and visions; the thing that you saw might be important." I said.

" Okay, we should go and see her- but let me get ready first." Willow said smiling.

As soon as Willow was dressed, we ambled our way to the door of the room. My hand was holding onto the brass dorrknob when we heard a nearby voice that sent a wave of fear run across my body.
" Hello, we have come from The Orphanage Of Angels. We have come to believe that a member of the orphanage is here in this room. Do you know of anyone by the name of 01480?" A man asked flatly, without emotion. The name ran through my head as I turned to face Willow. Her orphanage name was 01480. She seemed as scared as I was.
" No, I'm afraid not. I think I would know if there was a bunch of those creatures in this hotel!" Another voice shouted- it was the man from  the booking desk.

" We have evidence that 01480 is in room 004. We are have the right to go in there. Please step aside."
In just a few seconds, we could be cuaght and sent back to The Orphanage Of Angels. And then we would die. We slowly and quietly backed away from the door and that was when we both started to panic. We both quickly but frantically gathered our stuff and certain necessities that we knew that we would need. A booming voice echoed into the room.

"01480. We're coming in. Don't make any attemmpts to escape. We have a whole team waiting for you outside. Please co-operate."

We ran towards the balcony and looked down. Thank god we were only on the second floor. I loooked into Willow's eyes that were full of concern. We were going to have to jump. We had no other choice. WIthout a second thought in my mind, I lepaed off the balcony and landed on the ground without a scratch on my body. I looked back up to see Willow on the edge of the balcony, hesitating. I opened up my arms; showing her that I would catch her. She closed her eys and threw herself off the balcony. Luckily, I caught her with both arms and placed her back on her feet. Then, I grapped her hand as we dashed to safety.

Unfortunately, we only ran a few steps because we were soon completely surrounded by a team of people in black suits, guns pointed at her heads. This was the dark side of The Orhanage Of Angels. It was far from a miracle; more like hell for it's residents. A woman from the crowd then spoke up.

" Young man. Please let 01480 go. Otherwise, we will shoot without hesitation."
I had to protect her. I wasn't going to let them take her. I love her. I don't want anything or anyone to hurt her. It has taking a long time to realise my true feelings for her but I'm glad that my emotions are clear.
" Shoot me then. I don't care. But you're not taking her!" I exclaimed. I shuffled infront of her to show them that I wasn't backing down.
" That's fine by me then." The woman replied coldly.
" No Jack! Please no! They can't kill you! I need you Jack! I need you because I-"
The sound of a gun shot cut off Willow.


there was silence.

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