The Other Life ( Sequel of The Other One)

I have lived two lives. The first life I lived was in the Orphanage of angles and I was known as 01480 (or Willow). The other life was what I have been prepared for and I was named Mia. Then everything went wrong. Now, Jack and I must face a life on the streets as we experience this new life.


6. Energy- Willow's POV

There was nothing that I could do. I just stood there, watching the blue light enter Jack's body has he fell to the ground with a thump. It's all my fault. I picked Jack up and held him close as the people in black slowly moved towards us. I buried my head into his thick, brown hair as I waited for my end. Then, the unimaginable happened. A small, golden light emerged from Jack's body which grew by the second. I sat there in awe as the light began to buzz with power. With a bang, a huge ring of light was released from the the light which hit all the people gathered around us; knocking them unconscious. I gasped at the luck that we had recieved. We'll both be okay. We did it. I don't know how, but I was able to get a comatosed Jack onto my back and with that, I walked along the road, hoping to find somewhere for us to both be safe.


After staggering a few times from carrying Jack aaand most of our luggage, I managed to arrive to a place where I knew that we would both be protected; Madame Louhi's house. I'm glad I memorised the route to get here but I have to admit, I did get lost a couple of times. As soon as I knocked gently on the door, it swung open to reveal  Madame Louhi herself.

"I'm really sorry to bother you Madame Louhi but something happened and I didn't know where else to go." I said, trying to explain myself.
" Don't worry my dear, I'm not bothered at all. I hope you are alright though. I had a vision earlier on today which gave me a hunch that something would happen to the both of you. It's good to see that you got here safely. Come inside and we'll let Jack rest up a bit." Madame Louhi replied kindly.

After clarifying the recent events, Madame Louhi looked at me with concern.

"You and Jack have gone through so much it seems Willow. When Jack wakes up, I'll tell you what that light was. It's important that you both know." Madame Louhi said. I ambled over to were Jack was sleeping and I held his hand; just like he did for me. Even though I was unconscious, I could still feel Jack's warm hand entwined with mine. I'm happy that Jack cares about me so much. I care about him too. Suddenly, Jack's eyelids began to flutter as he began to wake up. He looked up at me with his bright, blue eyes and started to sit up.
I'm so glad to see that you're okay Willow. However, may I ask why we're here in Madame Louhi's house?" Jack asked.
"Oh- I carried you here as I didn't know where else to go. Oh, Jack! I was so worried about you! I couldn't believe that you sacrificed yourself like that for me." I replied.

"I would do anything for you Willow; don't ever doubt that. I care to much about you. Before that woman shot me, you were about to say somehing to me. What was it?" Jack questioned teasingly. I felt my cheeks redden at the memory. I was about to tell him that I loved him. I will tell him. But not now.
"I'll tell you later Jack. I promise, but there's something more important that you need to know. Let's go speak to Madame louhi." I said.

 We both sat down opposite madame Louhi as she began to explain the reason of the light.

" I can tell you now that it was no bullet that shot you Jack. It was energy; a form of magic that obviously activated when you were on the verge of collapsing. What puzzles me though is how the orphanage got this magic in the first place; it's very expensive and hard to recieve." Madame Louhi explained.

" But- Madame Louhi, what's the point in shooting magic at someone even though the magic is going to hurt you and your allies?" I asked.
" You have a point there Willow. By the looks of it, they don't know what there dealing with. They obviously have no clue on how magic works, it's just-"
The sound of a small whince from Jack interrupted Madame Louhi. I put my hands on his shoulders as I asked:

" Jack, what's wrong? What's happening?"
" P-pa-paper. I need paper. Quick!" Jack exclaimed. Madame Louhi suddenly stood up and rushed around the house; trying to find some paper for Jack. She came back with some paper and a pencil which Jack took from Madame Louhi's hand. As soon as the pencil made contact with the paper, Jack's actions began to increase in speed durastically. He was drawing pictures of a variety of different things. When he had finished, he dropped the pencil and took in deep breaths.

"What was all that?" I asked.
" I don't really know. I just felt a sudden pain in my head and I saw images so I thought it would be a good idea to copy them down. It's quite similar to what happened to you Willow." Jack explained. "Here. These are the images I saw." Jack pushed the paper closer to Madame Louhi and I. There was a bed in a sky blue room, a map that should a mark and a picture of me. He obvioulsy dreamed about the bed too.
" Didn't you say that you dreamt about the bed too Willow?" Madame Louhi asked.
"Yes. I did. However, I'm quite puzzled about it." I replied.
" I understand." Jack said." Basically someone wants to find you Willow. There is someone in this bed that despirately needs you for something. They have somehow sent you a form of magic that caused you to fall unconscious until they find you. That magic, it had to keep you in that state to keep you from waking up. That's probably why you had a nightmare, it was to occupy you, to stop you from waking up. However, they seem to be angry now becuse they have lost your location. It's to do with the energy inside of me. It kept you safe."

"Well, that defintely makes things clearer." I said.
" The energy inside of you Jack, it's given you a connection with the orphanage. It obviously means that the same magic is inside the person who sits in the bed. This could be a good help to you both but at the same time, they will also know your actions as well. They obviously do know what there dealing with." Madame Louhi said.

" I guess our next plan of action is to find somewhere to hide. For now. If they can find out what were doing, then we'll have to move around quite often. I'm afraid, we'll have to go now Madame Louhi. We don't want to put you in danger." Jack said.
" I'm sorry that you have to leave so soon but that doesn't mean that you can't visit from time to time. Promise me that you'll be safe." Madame Louhi said.
" We'll try." We both said simultaneously. And we meant it. We weren't going to die just yet.



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