The Other Life ( Sequel of The Other One)

I have lived two lives. The first life I lived was in the Orphanage of angles and I was known as 01480 (or Willow). The other life was what I have been prepared for and I was named Mia. Then everything went wrong. Now, Jack and I must face a life on the streets as we experience this new life.


3. Apples

I woke up to see a pair of pale blue eyes; it was Jack. In his hand, he held two ruby red apples. Seeing the sight of food reminded me of the strong hunger I was feeling so I happily took one out of his warm hands and took a huge bite. Delicious!  We both sat there enjoying the last of our apples when we both spoke out:
" I need to tell you something!"

Jack beamed at me and nodded towards me to let me speak first.

" Well, as much as I love sitting around a willow tree, I don't think it's going to be the best  place to live because people are going to start to do something about it and we won't be safe for much longer." I told Jack, concerned.
" Well, I was going to say the same thing too. It's way too dangerous for us to stay here for much longer. I suppose the best plan of action would be to poke around a bit in town" Jack replied.

He was right. we need to start getting some information about the town if we're going to start living in it. I mean- we spent most of our life in the Orphanage Of Angels. I gave him a small nod to show that I agreed and with that, he grabbed my hand tightly and we walked down the silent street.

After miles of pacing through the winding streets, we ended up standing infront of a tall building; The New World Hotel. So this was where we would be staying. We ambled our way into the lit entrance which let off a calming, welcoming atmosphere. We marched across the burgundy carpet and to the booking desk to find ourselves face to face with a grumpy-looking man. His cold-hearted eyes peirced right through me which sent a shiver down my spine.
" Could we both have a room please for three nights?" Jack asked politely. The man just stared at us but then he replied with a croaky voice.
"Of course. That will be £80 please." I glanced over to Jack in worry; we don't have any money! However, Jack didn't have the same facial expression as I did- he just simply passed the gentleman a simple card. The man looked at it carefully and said in an angry tone of voice:
" This doesn't look like money. I don't give special offers for children such as yourselves."
" Turn it over." Jack replied.
With the flick of the wrist, the man turned the small card over to gasp in shock with what was displayed on the back of the card.

" I'm very sorry young man! I din't realise you were a family member of the Parkers. Please forgive me." the man exclaimed; rather flustered.
" Don't worry my good man. There is no need to apologise. Everyone makes mistakes so how about that room?" Jack said reassuringly.
" Ah-yes! Here you go. Enjoy you're stay Mr Parker." The man replied.
In his hand was a key with a label that read: 'Room 004' which Jack took. And with that, we walked along a corridor to our new room.

"So, what happened back there?" I asked.
"Well, I thought it would be a good idea to take one of The Parker's passes. They have special allowances like this hotel which gives access to anyone who owns the card." Jack replied.
" Wow, that was clever!" I said.
When we reached a door that also read: 'Room 004' we opened it up with the key and literally leaped into our new room. It had a simple layout but had furniture with an exellent quality. A scented candle flickered gently on a desk between two comfortable looking beds. The aroma that swarmed through the room reminded me of my scent. I havenn't washed in a while; considering that we haven't had a place to stay. I felt my cheeks redden at the stench that radiated off me.
" Hey Jack, Is it alright if I have a shower first?" I asked.

" yes, of course. While I'm waiting, I'll go have a look at what this room has to offer." Jack said smiling. I walked into the bathroom and locked it with a quiet click.

The hot water that rained down from the shower cap felt luxurious against my dirty skin. I never thought that I would miss a good showering this much! I carefully stepped out of the shower and wrapped my now clean body in a soft, white dressing gown. I stepped back into the room to find Jack layed out onto one of the bed relaxing.

" The bathroom's ready." I said in a quiet voice.

A few hours past and we were both washed and in a pair of fresh clothes reading books. I didn't realise that this new life would be so simple, I thought that we would have to be more careful; more adventurous. Not that I'm looking for danger! I just didn't expect it to be like this.I suppose the good thing is that no one form The Orphanage Of Angles has come to find us. Yet. A sudden rumble snapped me away from my thoughts. I looked up to see a red-faced Jack.
" Sorry about that. I'm starving. How about we go and get some food?" Jack asked pleadingly. I looked at him with a grin and took his hand and pulled him out of the room and to the dining hall.

                                                    *                 *               *

With full stomachs, we saundered back to our rooms and closed the door with a sigh. It was now late evening. The sun was about to go down. I went over to the curtains and pulled them back to see a wondorous view of the city. The final light of the Sun could be seen reflected against the tall buildings. I let out a small sigh at the sight. It certainly was beautiful. I leaned my arms against the edge of the balcony as a small breeze danced through my red hair. That was when I heard it.Soft sounds bleared in my ears. It was a song. A song that was unkown to me. I put my hands to my ears in pain as the song started to become to painful to bear. I let out a small whine as the song's volume increased. I fell to the ground but I was still sitting up. "Make it stop! Make it stop! Jack! Anyone!" I thought. Images flashed through my head. A white room. A bed. A figure inside. What was going on? That was when everything went black.



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