Just Friends?

Amber has an evil step-mother and a very violent father so she runs away from home never to look back but she needs somewhere to stay and finds a ship a becomes a stowaway but who finds her?
(hint hint)


2. Stowaway

Niall's POV

I walk down the hallway to the deck and cross a girl that looked around my age she looked like i nice person to hang out with but I didn't know yet it looked like we were both going out to the deck i start to talk to her once we get out to the deck. "Hi" i say "Hey" she answers "so are you going to Bali too?"I say "umm yeah, are you?" 
"yeah i'm going with my band mates"
"you have a band"
"yeah a boy band"
"oh cool i've never met someone from a band, whats your bands name?"
"One Direction you know the supergroup?"
"no sorry i've practically been living under a rock for the past five years"
"hey i haven't got your name yet"
"I love that name, Niall" she smiles  "Amber's an amazing name if you don't mind me saying" i answer 
"Hey who are you here with" i say "Umm er emm my umm" she says "no one?" I say smiling but confused "umm can you keep a secret?" she says i nod "i ran away from home and i'm a stowaway" she whispered putting her index finger to her lips "oh don't worry I will pay for your ticket and you can stay with me in my room" "no i'm fine sleeping with the luggage" she says "no i insist, you look like a great friend anyways i'd love to have a room mate well apart from the four boys but a girl you can sleep on the couch or something" I say she shakes her head "no i couldn't" "you have to" i say "fine but only if your friends don't mind" she says "Oh i think they would love a girl sleeping in their room" i say laghing that earned me a playful nudge from her elbow. Oh no the ticket man was coming our way "Oh love hi can i have your ticket" he says "Oh she's with me" i say
"Oh sorry mister Horan" he said quickly scurrying away she smiled and hugged me. I hold her hand "So that's your luggage?" I say looking at a small shoulder bag 
"Umm yeah, it's all I need really" she says 
"Ok follow me to your or our room to meet the boys" I say. I lead her to our room and we head in.

Amber's POV

Niall leads me into a room were I see four rather fit boys ok by fit i mean really muscly if that's even a word. "Guys i want you to meet Amber she-" Niall says and looks at me I nod giving him permission to tell them about me being a stowaway. "Is a former stowaway and I kinda said she could stay in here" I Niall says. "Hi Amber, i'm Liam" Liam says putting his hand out for me to shake and I do "nice to meet you Liam" I say. "And that's Harry, Louis and Zayn" he says "Hi I say" "Hey"they all say looking delighted to meet me even though it was a brief meeting.

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