Just Friends?

Amber has an evil step-mother and a very violent father so she runs away from home never to look back but she needs somewhere to stay and finds a ship a becomes a stowaway but who finds her?
(hint hint)


3. Amber and Zayn

Niall's POV

Me and Amber walked out to the deck. She was really pretty she was a ginger which I thought was really cute not in a love way I like this girl so far i'm not judging her yet. "So why did you run away from home?" I ask "uh no reason I just wanted to have an adventure" she says but i'm not sure it was completely true but there was probably a reason so I just left it alone. "So what are your hobbies?" I ask "pranking singing and stuff" she answers "what kind of stuff?" I say turning to her "gaming and reading and drawing, I guess" she says looking out to sea. "I hope you like to party" "why?" "because this is a party boat" I say "oh well I haven't  been to a big party in ages" she says "well here theres on every night" "ok I should get used to that" she laughs a really nice giggle. Amber seems distracted by something like something is on her mind should I leave her? "Vas happening?" Zayn says as he comes up behind us Amber turns around as quickly as possible. "Hey" she says as bright as could be she seemed to be different when he was around weird. "So Amber how old are you?" He asks "I'm eighteen turning nineteen in a month" she says looking directly into his eyes is that just how she looks at people but i'm pretty sure it's just Zayn. "Oh cool i'm 19 turning 20 next year" Zayn says looking out to sea  "and i'm nineteen too!" I chime in knocking Amber and Zayn out of their little mesmerising stare. "Yeah ok Niall" Zayn says and Amber giggles but then keeps a straight face I just sigh and walk away. "do you think he is ok?" I hear Amber say to Zayn "yeah he just broke up with his girlfriend Samantha and he is just taking it a little hard" Zayn says as I walk away. It was true I had just broken up with my longtime girlfriend and it was really sad but i'm ready to move on now if she can move on that fast then so can I she is currently seeing someone else some famous person but I don't care so I didn't find out who. I think that Zayn was just trying to get me away because he wants to pick up Amber and I get it she's pretty but really Zayn? I also could tell that Amber was really into Zayn so I think that he won't have much trouble. 

Zayn's POV

I really want to get to know Amber she seems really interesting and mysterious she's really closed but maybe soon she will open up. "So this is a party boat" she says "yeah pretty cool hey"I reply "awesome so there will be music right" "yeah of corse no party is complete or even good without music"  "yeah I guess" she says turning to the sun "so what music do you like?" "well I don't really like boy bands like one direction or just people like justin beiber and stuff which is why I told Niall that I don't know who One Direction because he's in it and I really dislike them" she says looking over her shoulder at me. "Uh kind of akward i'm in One Direction" I say "oh I thought you looked farmiliar well I like One Direction as people not artists" she says I just laugh and say "so lets go inside now it's getting cold follow me into my room" "sure" she replies. We walk into my cabin and sit down on the couch Amber turns to me "so Zayn tell me about yourself" she says smiling "well I am in a band and I am famous I like to sing and draw" I answer "me too! I love drawing it's really easy and calming" she says "yeah drawing is fun and I guess I enjoy it". She nods and curls her already wavy hair "I know I shouldn't really just walk into a strangers room but I don't really care and besides I kind of know you my friend is obsessed with One Direction so she's always telling me your blood type and stuff" she says "and besides I like you" she adds"I like you too" I say now i really was getting excited to kiss her. "So do you wanna watch a movie?" I ask "yeah sure" she says looking at some movies on the coffee table there was brides maids and saw and the lord of the rings. "why not saw?" Amber suggests I didn't think that she would be into that kind of stuff but I agree any way. We get half way through and Amber was hiding her head in my chest and I was squeezing a pillow "ouch!" Amber squeals "sorry" I say realising that I was pulling her hair. "that's ok" she says taking he head out of my chest she kicks back, yawns and closes her eyes "what are you doing?" I ask she opens her eyes "what the hell does it look like i'm sleeping" she says sasily "oh sorry for waking you up" "it's fine really but I can't sleep anyway so lets do something fun, hey the party should be on it's night" "oh yeah lets head out" I say getting up and she follows me out the door and on the deck. "Oh my god this party is pretty cool" Amber yells over the music "we could't hear any of this down stairs" "Zayn when I said I liked you I meant I really like you what i'm trying to say is-" she says to me "attracted to me I am too" I yell in reply. Then we lean in and kiss at the top of the stairs and I see out of the corner of my eyes before I shut them Niall his cheeks burning and then he just walks away. Weird.

Niall's POV

I was dancing with my friend Amy and then I see Amber and emerge from the stairs she looks really into him they both lean in close and oh no don't tell me there gonna kiss. Their lips smash into a passionate kiss i feel my cheeks burning with rage and frustration then I just walk away to Amy. Amy really likes me and she's not hiding it she's dancing with me all the time and getting really close and I guess she's really quite pretty I decide to give Amy what she wants and by the end of the night were making out and we are going out tomorrow wow it's amazing how far you can get with a girl when your drunk.

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