Just Friends?

Amber has an evil step-mother and a very violent father so she runs away from home never to look back but she needs somewhere to stay and finds a ship a becomes a stowaway but who finds her?
(hint hint)


1. The Runaway

Amber's POV

I run through the bushes and settle in one to get my breath back I don't hear or see anyone coming after me, well my drunk father couldn't anyway and he was actually a great father in day but at night he got drunk and tried to harm me and he wouldn't even come after me in the day because he cared about me and didn't want me hurt but don't get me wrong he didn't want me out here alone either but i guess he preferred it c'mon i'm eighteen turning nineteen in a month I can look after myself. I hope.

I looked around from the bush I was in I saw something in the distance a boat it was really big it looked like a cruise boat of something but the man called out and said last call for passengers of the boat to bali. This was perfect i was really short and i could make it look like i was a 14 year old (skill) ok I walk up to the man and say tearing up 
"umm my mother and father got on the boat without me and i know what their room is please i will die if i'm left here alone"I say really sad he looked like a jolly man with rosy cheeks an he was "sure thing kiddo" he said smiling making his big rosy cheeks even bigger. I nod and walk on I thought that I was never gonna get in but I guess that man was nice enough to let me in but where was I gonna stay?

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