the last stand

this story is about a young boy named john and his world get conqured by zombies.


2. the next morning:saturday

Good morning honey” Mrs. Winooski said. “Good morning mom” john said. “Where’s dad?” “I don’t know honey, I think he is still in bed.”

“Knock, knock” “who could that be” Mrs. Winooski asked in concern. “Its Devon , I invited him over to play video games.” “oh ok honey”. “Hey what it is homey!” Devon said. “Hey pal” “good morning Devon.” Mrs. Winooski said. “Good morning Mrs. W.” “so how have you been Devon?”

“Pretty good my parents have been fighting lately, mater of fact they had a fight last night.” “what about.” aw some shit bout money or something!

“Hey how about he spends the night here just for tonight.” “sure honey, would you like that Devon? Yes ma’am. Ok then you can sleep with john tonight. YES!!!! Come on Devon lets go play some video games! Ok man.

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