the last stand

this story is about a young boy named john and his world get conqured by zombies.


3. sunday

Bring bring! “Aw man morning already.” “Hey Devon get up, its morning!” What , oh hey j dog, good morning!” “ Good morning, Lets go see what my mom is making for breakfast!”

“MOM!” “ What is for breakfast. “Mom are you awake yet!” “well she must not be awake yet.” “Lets come back down in a few minutes.” “In the meantime lets play some video games!” “SPRING PEW PEW!” “giant ogre on my left cover for me Devon.” “K man.” BOOM! “Thanks man.” “No problem j dog, no big green ugly ogre is going to get my best friend.” oh my lord, were coming against the ogre queen! “Its ok Devon, remember what we practiced.” “Use the super move, up down left right and then up again!” “right ok dude here we go on the count of 3, 1 2 3! Now!” BOOM, BOOM,BOOM!

“Yes, we did it!” “Nothing like some good teamwork!” “wow defeating that queen ogre made me really hungry now, what about you Devon?” “yeah im hungry, lets go see if your mom is up yet.” ok lets go! “Mom are you up now.” “Hmm she still wont answer, lets go check in her bedroom.” “mom!” “That’s strange, she is not in her bed.” “Wait, maybe she is in the garden!” “Sometimes she wakes up early to tend to the tulips and radishes.” “Mom!” “ Oh no!, Devon come quick!” “What is it j dog?” “Oh my lord!” “My mom is DEAD!”

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