the last stand

this story is about a young boy named john and his world get conqured by zombies.


4. murder he wrote

Alright son, tell me what happened here.” officer Gerald said. “Well me and Devon woke up this morning and called for my mom and she didn’t answer, so we decided she was still asleep and we went back upstairs to my room to play some video games.” “Then when we finished we went back downstairs and she still wasn’t there, so we checked to see if she was in her room and that’s when we discovered she wasn’t here.” “Then I remembered she wakes up early sometimes to tend to the garden and that’s when I found my mothers body officer.” “ok well were going to begin a full investigation, so call me if you happen to find some evidence or clues ok son.”
“Yes sir, I will.” “when we find any information well alert you, keep an eye out.”
“Ok sir, goodbye.” “well Devon now what should we do?” “I have to go home my mom is probably wondering were I am.” “I thought you told your mom you were spending the night with me?” “Oh, well I figured she would be ok with it. “Ok bye Devon!” “later, oh and I am sorry for your loss.” “thanks dude.”
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