the last stand

this story is about a young boy named john and his world get conqured by zombies.


1. meet john

Hi my name is john Winooski , I am 16 years old and I live in Tucson, Arizona. My moms name is charlotte

And my dads name is Jackson.

“Die you gigantic ogre” john said.

“John time for dinner.” “Aw mom come on I’m trying to defeat a giant ogre.” “Well that giant ogre will have to wait”! “uhhh!!” “So john how was your day at school today?” Mr. Winooski asked. “Boring as usual, we had a biology test today.” “oh I see, how did you do?” “I made a 68.” “Well that’s not to bad.” “Yeah maybe to you but to me its bad because I am failing biology and that test was the only way I could bring up my grade in biology.” “oh well why didn’t you tell us honey?” Mrs. Winooski asked in concern. “I didn’t want you to know but I guess the cats out of the bag now isn’t it!” “Oh honey why don’t we change the subject.” “nah I’m going to bed.” “But honey you haven’t even eaten any of your dinner and its only 8:30.” “Its okay mom I’m not that hungry, and I’m tired.”


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