The boy who wears polo ~Niall Fan-fic~

Kayla is the new girl on campus. She meets Niall, but she faces bumps on the road trying to confront their love.


8. Will you be my girlfriend?

Niall's P.O.V

I watched her get out of her house. I texted Karen that I didn't want to be dating her anymore.I was going to ask out Kayla.I heard a knock at my door.I opened it an Kayla came to my appearance."Hey!" I said."Hey Nialler!!" She replied giving me a kiss on the cheek.I felt myself blush."So, what were you going to ask me Niall!" She said while she smiled."First,sit down on the bed." She sat down on my bed and just sat there."Well, what were you going to ask me Niall!!" She said inturrupting my thoughts."Oh,ah umm I wanted to ask you if you wanted to like be my Girlfriend?" I said quickly.She coulfn't understan the first part only the last part of me asking her out.She started blushing.I giggled."Umm ok sure." I was soo happy,that I kissed her.She started kissing back holding my neck.I got hold of her waist.We were making out when I finally pulled back smileing widley.

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