The boy who wears polo ~Niall Fan-fic~

Kayla is the new girl on campus. She meets Niall, but she faces bumps on the road trying to confront their love.


1. The moving...

''White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes. Burnt lungs, sour taste.'', I sang while putting tape on a packed box. ''Sweety, we leave in 1 hour!!'' my mom yelled. ''OK!!!'' I replied in annoyance . Hey, I'm Kayla Dawn, and I'm 18 going to college next month . I'm focusing on my music career . I'm moving to New York . I don't wanna move because I'll totally miss my friends and the family I have here in London .I started remembering on what happened the last time I went to New York. Trust me, it was like a Pretty Little Liars season. I broke up with my boyfriend , Josh who had been dating my sister's friend's sister's which was my best friend ,well used to be , Karen.

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