The boy who wears polo ~Niall Fan-fic~

Kayla is the new girl on campus. She meets Niall, but she faces bumps on the road trying to confront their love.


11. Karen told you?!?!?!?!

To CrazyVicki From NiallTheBeast

She....told u?

From CrazyVicki To NiallTheBeast


To CrazyVicki From NiallTheBeast

Wat did she sai?

From CrazyVicki To NiallTheBeast

she said that u broke up wt. her and decided to ask out ur it okaai wt. u?

To CrazyVicki From NiallTheBeast

nono its aiit , tell her how did she know.

From CrazyVicki To NiallTheBeast

aiit brb.

I waited for the text message to come. How the hell did Karen know. Ughhhhh I haaate Herrrrrr.

After the long conversation me and Victoria had , I called Kayla.

"Heey."she said. "Hey , I was wondering if you could come in my house and we could have a movie night together , you know like boyfirned ,like girlfriend?" I asked. "Yea sure I'll be there in a minute. Bye." she said. "Bye." I locked my phone and got some blankets and who could forget, FOOOOOOOD. I noticed that the doorbell rang. I opened it and there stood Kayla." Hey babe." she said while giving me a peck on the cheek. "Hey beautiful." I replied. We both sat down and started watching movies.

~after movie 3~

I felt her head go to my shoulder. I looked down and saw Kayla sleeping. God was she pretty. I picked her up and set her in my room I pulled the covers and turned off the lights. I layed down with her while holding her waist. "Night Niall." she said. "Night Kayla."


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