The boy who wears polo ~Niall Fan-fic~

Kayla is the new girl on campus. She meets Niall, but she faces bumps on the road trying to confront their love.


2. It was different........New York

I arrived at the airport at about 14 hours after we took off .After the long airplane trip, I felt like just laying on the floor not caring about the loads of eyes that might be staring at me. It was kinda difficult for me to settle in here due to my painful past. My mom started to talk about how much she missed this place. I sighed at her phrases. She led me to the taxi car. I was kinda sad to be here again. We got in and instructed the driver where to go. On the way to our new place, I stared outside the window, noticing the differences........oh and also that KFC, which made me hungry.


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