The boy who wears polo ~Niall Fan-fic~

Kayla is the new girl on campus. She meets Niall, but she faces bumps on the road trying to confront their love.


7. 11:11 <3

When we left KFC , it was 10:39. I watched out the window and looked at all the places near the fast-food diner. We got home walking towards my house. We got inside and went to each other's room. I decided to put my green curtains on so Niall wouldn't look at me naked. I put on my pj's and checked my facebook. I fell asleep.



Niall's P.O.V-

I looked out the window and saw that she was asleep. I looked at her asleep. She looked beautiful. I just love her.I noticed 5 min passed and i caught myself still staring at her. It was now 11:10. I knew wat was coming up

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