Best Sister Ever

Niamh and Natasha are two sisters. Both of them are really close and obsessed with One Direction. Natasha wins a competition to meet One Direction, leaving Niamh's heart crumbled. But as Niamh convices Natasha to take her, what will happen? 1SHOT41D COMPETITION!


1. One Shot


"Oh my god! I won!" Natasha squealt, waving her VIP backstage One Direction tickets in front of my face. "Won what?" I ask, trying to read her tickets before she took it away. "I'M MEETING ONE DIRECTION ON VALENTINE'S DAY!" she literally screamed into my ear. "OMG! Who are you going with?" I ask, noticing that she held two tickets in her hand. "Maybe George, my best friend. He's a boy directions, I'll have you know." my sister replied sarstically. "I thought you would take me. You said you would if you won," I mumbled sadly. "You ripped my posters!" she hissed back. I wipe away a tear from my eye, "It wasn't me. Mum told me she did it by accident when she tripped over our 1D dolls," I yelled at her and I ran to the room where I shared with my older 17 year old sister Natasha. I can remember a hour later, she came upstairs to our room. "Niamh? I'm taking you with me!" she said loudly. I open the door, and gave her a huge hug, "What made you change your mind?" I ask. "George couldn't make it," she answers, hugging me. I was elated!


"We're next!" Natasha whispered excitedly into my ear. This was it. My dream. I have always wanted to meet my idols, One Direction, and we've got VIP backstage passes to meet One Direction. We got the last tickets so we would get to spend more time with the boys than the other VIP backstage ticket holders. "Hello girls!" Harry greeted us. Natasha squealted loudly, jumping up and down. I kept calm, trying not to put the boys off, "Sorry about my sister, Natasha," I apologised, trying to calm down Natasha who was crying by now. "It's alright, don't worry about it. We get that a lot," Zayn said, smiling awkwardly at Natasha. "I'm so sorry, I can't believe that you guys, my idols, are right in front of me!" Natasha laughed through her tears. "Don't worry, stop crying please darling," Liam whispered, hugging Natasha. Unfortunately for Liam, Natasha screamed loudly, because she was happy of course, into poor Liam's ear. "C'mon, we're just five normal guys who came from normal families who used to live normal lives," Niall chuckled at Liam rubbing his ear, regretting hugging Natasha. "I know that, but what's your life is like now?" I ask Louis. "Well....My life in One Direction was very ordinary, nothing weird happened. But after Kevin left for the fame in Pigeonville, my life changed." Louis joked, staring moodily into the distance. I laughed, and playfully punched him. "Ignore him, Kevin is actually hiding in my closet," Harry winked, nudging me. I roll my eyes as Louis screams, "YOU STOLE KEVIN! YOU DESTROYED MY LIFE!" "Sorry Lou, but he lives in Narina now," Harry answers, pulling a fake sad face. Louis nodded despairly, "I need Kevin," he whispered, keeping a straight face. We all burst out laughing, apart from Louis. "I'm serious." he mumbles, looking at Natasha with puppy eyes. "I'll go to Narnia once we arrive home, and I'll get Kevin for you," Natasha joked, laughing. "You're kidding. I meant it," Louis chuckled, "I'm mad." "You....are!" Niall said in between roars of laughter. He was lying on the red lush sofa, laughing hysterically. "You have ten minutes left. Say goodbye," Paul, the boys' bodyguard, said. His voice was loud and it boomed when he said it. Natasha had always been terrified of Paul, we met him ages ago in Doncaster when we tried to get to the boys' van but he swatted us away like we were just flies. He left the room, leaving Natasha shaking in terror. Did I mention that Paul broke Natasha arm when he swatted her away? No? Well, let me tell you what happened; Natasha and I were pushing through the crowd, trying to get to One Direction's van, but Paul pushed us away, then Natasha stumbled backwards, so her arm got broken because the screaming fans squashed her while her arm was twisted, causing it to break. "Are you okay?" Zayn asked Natasha worriedly. "N-n-no," Natasha barely said. "Is it Paul?" Liam whispers to Natasha, giving her another hug. "Nat, do you want me to tell them what happened?" I mutter into Natasha's ear. Natasha nods at me, still shaking in terror. "Well, basically, Paul broke her arm back in October." I told the boys. "What?! What did he do?" Niall screams protectively. So I told them the whole story, "I'm so sorry, I didn't know. Oh my, I thought nobody was hurt at the charity football match?" Louis apologised, giving Natasha a hug once Liam has finished. "What's your name sweetie?" Harry asks me, handing me a piece of paper I saw him writing on earlier. "Niamh" I reply, smiling proudly. "We have about five minutes to give each other hugs," Niall announces. I roll my eyes as Niall holds his arms wide open for me to hug him. He gave me a 'Horan hug' which was actually the best hug ever. I hugged Harry. then Zayn, next Liam and finally, Louis. Louis held me for a long time, then he let go. "Harry gave you his number, just text him asking for our Skype username and we'll Skype with you!" Louis whispered excitedly into my ear. I laugh and nod, "I will!" I chuckle, giving Niall another hug because his hug was the best hug ever.




A week later, I have Skyped with the boys every night and Louis and I are really close now. I heard that Niall's got a crush on Natasha and I think Harry likes me too, he goes all flirty when he's talking with me.... Well, I can say that my life's amaZAYN, BrilLIAM, ExtraordiHARRY, FabuLOUIS and PhenomNIALL!

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