Just A Best Friend Thing: A Harry Styles One Shot

A one-shot for the Valentine's day contest, about Harry Styles and his best friend on Valentine's day


1. Just A Best Friend Thing

Another year, I was single on valentines day. One of my closest friends, Hannah was throwing a valentines day party and a lot of my friends were invited. The thing about this party, was that every guy going had to buy a girl something for valentines day. My best friend Harry didn't tell me who he was buying for or what he was buying for her. I was helping Hannah set up for the party, so I slept over the night before, and was texting Harry the whole night long. He wouldn't even give me any hints about who he was buying for or what he was buying for. Sigh. More and more people started to arrive. Not Harry, though. He the last person to get there. 
He walked up to me, and he handed me a dozen roses. One rose was white, the eleven others were red. "Sarah, in every bunch there is one that sticks out, and you are that one." I was in awe, that I was the girl Harry chose. He could have any girl he wanted, and he chose me. "How long have you liked me..?" I asked him. He hesitated, ruffled his hair, and shyly said, "For a while now.. I just haven't been able to tell you.." I blushed slightly and smiled at the ground. "Well...?" he said, nervously. "I've liked you for a whole, too.." I told him, and I looked up at him and he had a huge smile on his face. He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me in for a kiss. Another part of Harry's gift to me, was taking me rollerblading. I didn't know how to rollerblade, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. We both rented a pair of skates and I was really nervous. "Do you know how to skate?" Harry asked, anxiously. "No..." I replied, and he giggled and said, " I don't either.." I laughed a little, and he grabbed my hand before we started to skate. We got on the rink, and one of us kept ending up on the ground, with the other laughing hysterically before helping them up. We stopped to sit at a table to take a break, and we just sat and talked for a while. "You know, I've been so lucky to be your best friend all these years but I'd actually like to be more than that.." Harry said, softly, looking down. "I feel the same way," I said back to him, and a look of relief came to his face and he smiled at me. "So will you be my girlfriend?" He asked, and of course, I said yes. We tried to skate once again, but failed miserably. We ended up trading in our skates, and going to the arcade part of the building. He won me a small teddy bear from a claw machine. He took a really cute selfie of him kissing me on the cheek with the bear in between us. We were done at about 10pm, so we left the building and he drove me home. "Sarah, you are so amazing. Being your best friend for all these years has made me realize how lucky I am to have you. I've liked you for a while, I really hope you aren't just pretending to like me.." Harry said to me. "I feel the exact same way about you, Harry. I hope this lasts a while and doesn't ruin our friendship." I told him. "It won't." He assured me, and after a moment of silence, I asked him why he chose me out of every girl you know. "You're the only person who truly understands me, because I've known you so long. You're funny, you're gorgeous, and like I said you stand out to me. In a good way." He said after a moment. We pulled into my driveway, and i kissed him before I got out of his car. 
-1 Year Later- 
Harry and I have been in a relationship since last valentines day, and he invited me to a park for valentines day. I went to the park, and he was sitting on a bench looking around aimlessly, waiting for me. I sat next to him, and he stuck his arm around my waist while turning toward me. He had a box in his hands, and he gave it to me and it had a note on top that said, "Each wrapper means you get a free kiss. -Harry" I opened the box; and it was completely filled with the thin little wrappers from the top of Hershey kisses. I pulled one out of the box, and he kissed me softly but lovingly. "I love you, so much Harry. " he kissed my cheek and flung me over his shoulder, and carried me to his car. He drove me to his house, and we got in and picked up a set of keys from the counter and held them out in his hand. "Move in with me?" He asked me and I nodded. He hugged me really tight, and started tickling me on the bed and kissing my face.

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