HarrY lover

I really like 1d they are a great band, but in 2010 when I saw Harry try out for the x factor I knew he had to be the one, he had to win this thing, so when he lost as an individual I was heart broken until 1d was born


1. Me and Harry

Dear diary
I am new here, I am here to meet the boy of my dreams Harold Edward styles. Everything is amazing about him, his 4 nipples his curly locks and nobody could forget... The smile. When he smiles the whole world really stops and stares for a while. And who could blame em, I know I can't . But the problem is... I am not the prettiest girl in the world. Sure I am not blond or 23 and stuff like that, but something that I do have is a heart. A big heart to share with Harry. I have a great smile, and I could be myself around you.
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