I thought we were friends

how could he say that . . . i mean really . I thought we were friends , I guess I was wrong


3. What ????

Isabella's p.o.

Well its been two and a half months  since me and Harry started dating , and no one knows , but I think that people will start wondering in about 2 months , when things start to change . . . a lot 

*Flashback* (2months )

My dad was leaving to go somewhere for the weekend , so I thought that I would have Harry over so I wasnt lonely

Harry , wanna come over for the weekend ,so im not lonely?? (in a little bit of  a self centered brat tone ) 

Um . . . sure , do you think he would get mad , if anything . . . happened ?

No , he will never find out 

Ok , well when is he leaving ????

Um.he just left , come over soon please 

ok , ill be over in 5

( i knew he wasnt lying when he said 5 mins , because he was my neighbor , he lived right down the road )

He finally got here and i was super excited ,Iwanted this weekend to be the weekend me and Harry , had sex ,for the first time , iknew he wanted it just as bad as me to , so lets hope things go well .   

Well it was now 5:30 at night and i decided that i would go put my pj's on and hope that Harry wouldwant to do something . So i went up stairs and put on the smallest ,  tightest thing icould find which happened to be : a black leather bra , which was probably 4 times to small , so it could bust at any minute and some black leather shorts to match , which covered up what they needed to and that was it . I then went down stairs to see Harry watching Tv ,so i went and sat on his lap and saw his jaw drop as he saw myoobs almost falling out of my bra , he looked at me and then I could feel a tent appear right under my crotch , his face turned bright red and he smiled as he picked me up and held me agenst a wall as we kissed romanticly , he then brought me up stairs and into my room where he threw me onto the bed and layed on top of me , he then looked at me and asked if I wanted to , I said yes so we both stripped and before we got any further , he said it would hurt , and that he was sorry , as he lined up with my entrance and slowly entered me it hurt so bad and he could tell but he just kept saying , give it a minute or two and then the pain would be gone , he was right , about 5 minutes later we were done , he said he didnt wanna do anymore  because he didn like to see me in pain , i told him i wasnt in pain but he said oh well , then we just played video games and stuff likethat for the rest of the weekend until my dad came home

*Flashback ends*

It was the day i hated ,the day i started my period , i went to the bathroom expecting blood, but nothing , my period was always on time . . .i though i had the wrong day so i checked when i had it last , but i was right i should have started today , well this isnt good . . . .

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