I thought we were friends

how could he say that . . . i mean really . I thought we were friends , I guess I was wrong


2. Its you

Isabella's P.o.v

When I saw Harry walk in I just wanted to run and hide and hope he wouldnt find me , but I knew that I couldnt .

Before I knew it he was sitting next to me saying something , but I dont know what because I was thinking. 

Harry's P.o.v

As I walked into the girls bathroom I saw Isabella sitting in the corner crying her eyes out .As I walked over I  could tell she was upset , I decided I would talk to her and say I was sorry . 

Isabella , I'm so sorry , I didnt know and I feel so stupid for saying that , please forgive me?

 . . . 

Um  Isabella did you hear that ??

huh . . . uh what I'm sorry I was spacing , what were you saying ??

Um, I was saying . . . how sorry , I feel , I didnt know and seeing you like this breaks my heart . . . forgive me?????

yes Harry , how could I stay mad at you????

thank you , now lets go to to social studies 

ok , but let me walkout first and see if there are any teacher , I'll text you when its safe to come out

Arianna's P.o.v  

As I walked to Mr.Farrows room , the vice .principle yelled at me for not being in class and not having a pass , i told her i needed to call and talk to Mr.Farrow , she said ok and let me use her office phone , thanks god

Hello ??

Hello ,may I ask who's speaking 

well hello to you to Phoenix , and its Arianna , cani talk to Mr.Farrow , its important 

Sure , "Mr.Farrow , phone , and its important you may wanna go in the hall " I heard Phoenix whisper , he wasnt the best , but then again Mr.Farrow has bad hearing 

Hello ?

Hi Mr.Farrow its Arianna 

Oh hi Arianna ,how come you and Isabella arnt in class ??

um , well thats what i wanted to call about 

Isabella is having a bad day so during lunch we went to the bathroom to talk but when we were talking the bell rang and we need to finish the conversation , so when everythings ok , is it ok if we come to class and hope you dont mind but Harry is with me trying to calm her down ??

a thats fine , but didnt you say you were in the bathroom , please tell me that the arnt in the bathroom . . .

Oh ,no they are in the hall talking , when he wanted to talk to her , she went into the hall 

ok,well see when you show up , tell her everthing will be ok . . . 

ok , will do 

*click* he hung up ,


Isabella can I ask you something before you leave ??

um  . ya sure Harry . . . what is it . she sounded a little confused 

Um,when I saw you today crying ,I felt like my life was over ,and when you ran away from me I felt like a big scary monster . . . I never want to see you like that again 

Ok??? so what the question harr-

before she could finish I blurted it out 

Isabella Mae Cole will you be my girlfriend 

she looked shocked , what was she going to say , what if she turned me down . . .we had every class together and sat next to each other in all of them 

she didnt say anything she just looked shocked , oh great she didnt want to be anything more then friends .  

Isabella's P.o.v  

when Harry asked me to be his girlfriend , it was like a dream come true , we have every class together and sit next to each other in all of them , not to mention we lived next to each other ever since I was little except for like 2 years when I lived with my mom , but why me, I had so many issues , and wasnt that pretty , I had medium lengh dirty blonde hair , glasses and was like a foot shorter then him ,not to mention like 1 and 1/2 years younger 

Now I know what our gonna ask if your a year younger then how can you be in the same grade as him ,well when I got back from my moms , i had to take a test to seewhich grade I should be in ,and i was smart enought to get placed in his grade . . .wait i still hadnt answered him 

Isabella did you hear that ?? he asked kind of upset 

Um . . .Harry to be honest with yo-

If you dont want to just say it , he said getting kind of mad 

well , i actually do want to . . . but you didnt let me finish 



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