I thought we were friends

how could he say that . . . i mean really . I thought we were friends , I guess I was wrong


4. how do I explain this ????

Isabella's P.o.v

I cant be pregnant , there is no way ,we used protection  . . well I cant say there is no way but I really dont think I can be pregnant . . . I guess over the weekend when dad goes on a buisness trip , I will have Harry over and we can talk about it , and what we want to do ,if I am pregnant . . .this is going to be a long week .. . . well maybe I should go to the store and get an test . . . just to be sure , before I tell Harry and its not true 


Hey ,dad I'm going to the store ,do you need anything while I'm out ??

Um. . . ya I need : laundry detergent , dish soap , shampoo ,and conditioner . . . why do you need to go tothe store ???

Shit  . . . what do I say ????? . . . Um I need to get some . . . um . . . Cereal , we don't have any 

Ok ,well dont forget anything 

I wont 


Which one do I get . . . well I guess this one it takes 20 minutes but there are 4 in a box , ya now onto what dad needs   . . . got it , oh crap i need to get the cereal , like I said I would . . . the car ride home was silent , I didn't have the radio on I just wanted to think about things for a while . . . .I still cant believe it  , I hope im not pregnant , as much as I love little kids , I'm not ready to be a mother  


Well now i wait 20 minutes . . . 10 more . . . .down to 5 , now I can check 

there is was the sign that would tell me what was going to happen in the next 9 months  . . . it was a + sign 

No that cant be right, lets check the other one   . . + sign , oh my god  , what have we gotten our selves into . . . what will dad say??? oh god been worse what will Arianna say ???? I cant believe it , and even if I didnt want the baby right now abortion is not an option .well  , is that you I should call Harry now . . .since he should no 

Harry is that you ??

Ya , what is it Isabella ??

um . . . can you come over we need to talk . . . 

ya ,sure is ever thing fine ???

I dont know ,thats why we need to talk 

Ok,I'll be over in 1 minute 

Ok see you then . . . 


Harry , come up to my room so we can talk , just you and me. I said kind of concerned , he looked at me worried and said ok ,I'll be right up 

When i told him he looked like he was mad , upset worried and confused and most of all , he couldnt believe me . . which made me upset 

So whats your choice ???he asked with worry in his voice 

Well one thing i refuse to do is get an abortion , i mean we got our selves into this and i dont think we should punish the bay because of what we did . . .that wouldnt be fair . . . if you want we can put the baby up for adoption i guess . . .

Um, well see i dont believe in the adoption thing , i mean why should we make a stranger take care of our child . . . i guess we know what we have t do . . . well we better get ready soon only 9 months til-

Before he could finish i just had to make sure that we were on the same page . . .so we are going to KEEP the baby??? i asked making sure 

Yep i mean i Know you arnt lying , because 1) you are being completely serious and 2) i can see the tests in your bathroom .. .well you better hope that ,people dont start to say things at school when its more obvious , because i am a father now and i refuse to see my baby or my lovely girlfriend get hurt because of something i did . . . 

Harry you  arnt the only one who did this and when do we want t tell our parents . . . I hope my dad is fine , my sister Avery who is now 20 and has a 5 year old, he made her move out when he found out , he looked so mad and disgus- (oh no was i saying that out loud ??)

If he even tries to do something to you Isabella or our baby he will get a very nasty visit , from a very protective father  , and i promise that if any thing happens you can stay with my and my family 

I was so lucky to have someone as nice and caring as harry  . . . I hope we are together fo a very long time  


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