I thought we were friends

how could he say that . . . i mean really . I thought we were friends , I guess I was wrong


1. School

Isabella's P.o.v

Over the weekend I found out that my grandfather died , I have been a wreck ever since 

(Monday at school )

I was walking to lunch with my best friend Arianna . I was crying about my grandfather because I missed him a lot , when I told her that I wished there was something i could have done (for the past 11 years my grandfather has had been sick , his doctors said they didnt know what was wrong with him , so when he died I thought it was my fault , because my dad did'nt want me to see him since he was sick ) 

I told Arianna how I wish I could have done something to help my grandfather , but i couldnt and it made me so mad and upset 

When I told her i heard someone behind me say "even if you could have helped him , you wouldnt have " I knew that voice it was the same one I had heard for the past 11 years , if not longer . . . it was Harry

I couldnt believe he said that , I thought he was my closest guy friend , i just looked at him with tears streaming down my face and ran to the bathroom , i couldnt face him I just wanted to die in a hole ,I mean how could he say that . . . I thought we were friends 

Arianna's P.o.v

Ihen i heard Harry say that , I was so angry. I had just started to calm Isabella down ,and he just had to say something ,what a bastard , i mean she was already having a rought week , on Sunday it had been exactly one year since he mom ded and today (Monday) shefound out that her grandfather died , and she blamed herself ,because she never saw him . 

Really Harry ,you just had to say that to her and make her feel worse about herself then she already does  . . 

Him and his friends stopped laughing and just looked at me then he said : what are you talking about ? you know her just as much as I do and we both know that she doesnt do anything for anyone  

Really ? yesterday it had been exactly 1 year since her mom died , and today she found out her grandfather died , and she thinks if's her fault because she didnt do anything  , I said as i looked at him and his face went from being smiling to that 'oh shit what did I just do 'face

I didnt know ok ! he said sounding like he was getting mad 

so what you shouldnt say stuff like that just to get a laugh , I bet right now she is imthe bathroom with the door locked crying her eyes out , while yousit and laugh about it 

right then i ran thinking about her , out of the corner of my eye I could see Harry running after me, i reached the bathroom as the bell after next block rang , great we were going to be late for social studies Isabella's favorite class , and of course Harry had it with us 

*knock* knock* Isabella its me arianna , let me in please ???

I heard the door unlock and footstep's walk away , I got in and saw her in the corner crying her eyes out 

Isabella he didnt mean it , I said trying to calm her down , it didnt work 

then why did he say it??? 

she had a good point ,at this moment we heard a knock on the door ,it was Harry 

Harry's P.o.v

I got to the girls bathroom and knocked , I heard footsteps and then Arianna came out , she said be nice as she walked down to social studies to tell Mr. Farrow what why we would late 

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