Why Me?

When Zayn's girlfriend who's also Louis sister, Lily Tomlinson, gets kidnapped in Bradford what will Zayn and the boys do to get her back? Will they even get her back or will worst come to worst?


2. Waking Up

(Zayn's POV)   I woke up in a bright white room. It smelled like disinfectant. Great. I was in a fucking hospital. Wait.. Oh my God.. Lily! I tried to bolt up but the pain was still too much. I groaned and gasped for air as I gently lay back down. I clenched my fists in anger at the fact that I let those dumbass motherfuckers take my beautiful girlfriend away from me. I couldn't even bear to think of the things they could be doing to her.   "I wonder if he's up yet." I heard an Irish accent from outside my room. The door opened and Niall and Liam walked in. They saw how frustrated I looked because I was running my hands through my hair and my jaw was clenched.   "Zayn what's wrong?" Liam asked hurriedly as he sat down on the bed next to me. Niall wasn't good in situations like this so he went to go be with the other boys.   "I lost Lily last night." I said through gritted teeth.   "What do you mean? Like she broke up with you or she's missing?" He asked raising an eyebrow.   "She got kidnapped because I couldn't protect her!" I practically screamed in frustration as I slammed my fists down on the white linen sheets of the bed.   "My car broke down last night in the dodgy part of Bradford and two Russian men took Lily away from me! I couldn't even fight well enough to keep her safe. I'm a stupid, horrible, and weak human being! I couldn't even get up to save her! And Lou probably hates me for losing his sister!" I said as Liam leaned the hospital bed up so I could sit and wrapped his arms around me.   "Hey hey hey. Calm down Zayn, I promise you we'll find her and get her back." He said patting my back. I sobbed into Liam's shoulder and when I had calmed down the boys still weren't back yet. He got up and got me cool wash rag which I put on my face. It felt better, but it wasn't enough. After about ten minutes Harry and Niall came back without Louis.   "Where's Lou?" I asked looking at them. I already knew he wasn't here because he was pissed at me. I let his sister get kidnapped. I'd be pissed off too. Harry and Niall shared a knowing look and finally they spoke.   "He.. He just went downstairs to get some air." Harry trailed off, looking at the floor.   "Fuck. He can't be mad at me. I can't have him mad at me, guys." I said as I started to sob, my head in my hands.   "Zayn, come here." Harry said as he took me into his arms. I sobbed into his shoulder as he rubbed my back.   (Louis' POV)   I walked outside of the hospital and wandered around, looking for some where to go. There was a private area behind the hospital that had a few benches. I sat down on one of them and put my head in my hands. My sister was gone. It was all Zayn's fault. He should've protected her. She could be anywhere. She was so small and fragile and delicate, who knows what they could do. I shivered as I thought of the things that could happen.   I knew I had a bad feeling about Zayn dating her. I should've never let him near her. I mean, look where we are now. My sister's gone and he's in a hospital."How are we gonna find her?" I thought as I ran my hands through my hair. We already had the police trying to look for her, but we hadn't heard anything from them.    "What if they couldn't find her? Or what if they do find her and she's... she's dead?" I asked myself. I shook my head trying to clear my brain of the thoughts. I decided to go back up to the room and get the full story from Zayn without blowing up on him. I had to know what happened.   I began my walk through the hospital and to the elevator that would take me to Zayn's floor. I walked out onto the floor where Zayn was but I didn't remember the room number. "Shit." I muttered as I looked around for some one who worked here to help me.   "Excuse me, nurse?" I asked.   "Yes sir, How may I help you?" She asked stopping in her tracks and turning to look at me.   "I can't find my friend's room. Can you tell me where it is?"   "Yeah sure what's the name?" She said looking at her clipboard.   "Zayn Malik."   "He's in room 120193."   "Thank you." I said as I walked away to go to his room. I found it soon after and looked inside the window. It seemed like they were all sitting in silence and Zayn looked like he had just finished crying. I took a deep breath and opened the door. They all turned their heads turned to look at me except for Zayn, who kept his head down with a look of shame on his face.   (Lily's POV)   I groaned as I came back from being unconscious. I opened my eyes and everything was blurry for a bit until I blinked a few times. "Where the hell am I? What the hell happened? Where's Zayn?" I thought in my head.
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