Why Me?

When Zayn's girlfriend who's also Louis sister, Lily Tomlinson, gets kidnapped in Bradford what will Zayn and the boys do to get her back? Will they even get her back or will worst come to worst?


1. Unconscious

(Lily’s POV)

“Uh oh.” I said as Zayn’s car pulled to a stop.   “Oh God. Please tell me we aren’t stuck here.” Zayn said looking out the windows of the car at our surroundings. We had been driving back to the flat we shared in London when we decided to try a detour through Bradford. We were in the worst part of it, when his car decided to stop working. I guess we it’s battery died.

“Call Triple A. Maybe they can come fix it.” I said hoping they could come. He made the phone call and hung up a moment later.   

“What’d they say?” I asked holding his and looking up at him.  

“They can’t be here until tomorrow. Either we stay in the car and you sleep, while I make sure there’s no trouble, or we walk around and try to find someone to help us. I think we’d have better chance walking around since you’re claustrophobic.”  

“But what if something bad happens when we’re out?” I didn’t want Zayn or I to be hurt. Or worse, we could be killed.  

“We’ll be fine. You have me and if anyone tries to hurt us, I want you to run. I’d be fine.”  

“But Zayn-” Was all I could get out before he cut me off with a kiss. I closed my eyes and butterflies erupted in my tummy like they did every time we kissed. Our lips molded perfectly together as they moved in sync. He pulled away too soon.  

“C’mon Lil, let’s go.” He said opening his car door and jogging around the front of the car and opening my door. I got out and he shut the door behind me. I grabbed his hand and stayed close to his side as we wandered the streets of Bradford.   

We had been walking around for a while when I noticed two shadowy figures war following us. I looked up at Zayn to see if he had taken notice of them. He looked down at me and we shared a knowing look. “Let’s get out of here.” He said as he gripped my hand tighter and we began to walk a lot quicker in the direction of the car.

We were almost to the car when the two figures who had been following us jumped out of the alley way in front of us. I screamed and Zayn grabbed me and pushed me behind him. The taller of the two guys attacked Zayn and the shorter one made a grab at me. I dodged him and tried to help Zayn.   “Lily run!” He yelled as he wrestled with the two guys now attacking him.  

“No Zayn I’m not leaving you here!” I yelled as the taller guy who was beaten up pretty bad, but not enough, tackled me to the ground. I let out an ‘oomph’ sound as my body hit the concrete. The fall stunned me for a few seconds and those proved to be a few seconds too long.

“I’ve got her!” The guy yelled to the man who was about to punch Zayn in the jaw again.  

“Grab her and run!” The man yelled back. At those words, I began to struggle and kick as much as I could. I struggled against him and eventually I won after I kicked him in the balls. I got up and went over to Zayn who was beaten up pretty bad. He was almost unconscious. He lay moaning and groaning in pain. I bent down a kissed him hard on the lips.   

I was grabbed roughly and pulled off of him by both the men. “Which one should we take? They’d both be pretty valuable.” Take? Valuable?  Those words struck fear in my heart. Zayn would be missed more than I would, I’m just the girl friend everyone wished he would break up with.   

“D-Don’t take him. Take me instead You’d be in more trouble taking him than me.” I said. Zayn couldn’t be taken. He was in a world famous boy band, he had fans that loved him. I didn’t.  

“I hate to say it but the girl’s right.” The tall one spoke. I tried to get a good look at both of them. They both had russian accents. One was about 5’11 and the other was about 5’9. I couldn’t see much of anything else about them.   The next thing I knew, a wet cloth was pushed over my mouth and nose. Before I could think about it, I gasped breathing in the chloroform. That was the last thing I remember before falling to the ground, unconscious.

  (Zayn’s POV)

I watched as Lily fell to the ground unconscious like I almost was. I wanted to scream out to her but my body was to weak. The man who attacked me had done some pretty big damage to my chest, ribs and head.   I watched as they tied up her hands behind her back and threw her into the back of their van. I couldn’t let them take the love of my life away from me. I tried to sit up but that proved harder than I thought to be.  

I crashed back onto the ground not being able to get up because of the pain. The short guy who had just chloroformed Lily came over to me with the same cloth. The tall guy took my phone out of my pocket and called what I think was one of the boys, probably Liam. He was the one we called incase of emergency.  

They talked on the phone and after wiping it clean of his finger prints, put it back in my pocket. I moaned in pain. The shorter guy put the rag over my mouth and I pretended to breathe it in and. I closed my eyes and made my body go limp. He took the rag off my face and he and the tall man got into their van.   

I watched helplessly as they drove away. My girlfriend in the back with them. I struggled to get up again to go after her but the pain became too much and caused me to black out. That was the last thing I remember before I fell back on the ground.

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