Happily Never After

Jordyn is an average 17 year old. She sings and dances like an idiot when no ones looking , but there is one thing about her that is anything but average, she is a member of the fierce five! But what happens when she finds out that Zayn Malik likes her? Will she fall in love or will she crumble? Read more to find out.


1. Huh?

Zayn's POV

" So this is from @merrygrinchmas, who are your celebrity crushes?" " I guess Jordyn Wieber." " Demi Lovato!!!", silly Niall. " Niall everyone knows that!" Harry stated while gasping for air because of is laughter, along with the other boys. " OK, OK, " the interviewer said. " Zayn that was quite an interesting answer. From all the answers I have received I have never heard that one before, Why did you pick her?" Man I wish I had more time to think, why did I pick her? Was it because she was pretty? No. Was it because she seemed very sweet and charming? Ding ding ding! " ZAYN! " " Sorry what was the question?" " why did you pick her?" Man I need more time to think! " She seems very charming and sweet." Then I felt a sigh of relief come over me. " We'll that's it for this episode of ' Hot Seat!'"

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