Royal Crime

Tanner Bloomberg is as normal as any other fifteen year old but her life changes when she finds a secret locket of her mothers and she goes looking for her family history and finds something spectacular.


2. Lock It Up

First day of school is the most dreaded day of the year for a teenager, and I'm no different.

I was having a great time doing absolutely nothing for the last two months. I lounged on the couch, slept till noon, and ate nothing but junk food. Now, I have to go back to Kingsley High.

I always get there extremely early because I hate being in the room with my grandma breathing down my neck. During the summer, she was off playing bingo from dawn to dusk.

I see the double doors as I turn the corner. There was someone sitting on the steps. His hair was a chocolaty brown and his eyes were a match. He was built and it's odd that I have never seen his face around here before. Being from a small town comes with the perks of you knowing everyone and everyone knowing you.

He stood as I approached. " Hey"

His voice was deep and he was tall. The phrase " tall, dark and handsome" came to mind as I stalked up. He had a noticeable British accent.

" Hi. Are you new?" This was the only reason I could conjure up.

He smiled before saying, " Yeah."

" You do realize school doesn't start till seven, right?"

He laughs. " Do you?"

" Yeah. I get here early to get out of my tiny apartment. What's your excuse?"

" Annoying little brother and unpacking." He grinned, " I'm sorry. Where are my manners. My name is Eric."

" Tanner." I held out my hand and it was gladly shaken.

" Nice to meet you, Tanner."

" Nice to meet you, too"

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. " Can you excuse me for a moment?"

He nodded and I headed of towards the tree planted in front of the school.

My grandmother's wheezy voice rang from the line. " Sweetheart, you left your map at home."

I stayed on the phone with her for thirty minutes explaining that I don't need a map because I have gone to this school before and knew the land.

By the time she finally let me go, students were filing in and talking to their friends like they haven't seen them in years. I saw Eric standing in the middle of all the rucus, dangling something shiny in his hands. I ran over to him.

"Hey, whatcha got there?

" Did you lose this?"

It was a small gold chain that looked to be fragile. At the end of this chain, was a tiny gold locket. It had a floral design around the edge.

" No."

" Well do you mind taking it to lost and found for me? I don't know where it is and I have to get my schedule." Then he just skipped up the steps without a goodbye.

It takes me a while, but I finally get the heart open. The picture was of a young couple and, I assume, their baby. They all had sandy blonde hair. And blue eyes.

The royal couple that died.

Why does Eric have this? And more importantly:

If the girl in the tiara from the magazine isn't this baby, then who is she?  

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