Royal Crime

Tanner Bloomberg is as normal as any other fifteen year old but her life changes when she finds a secret locket of her mothers and she goes looking for her family history and finds something spectacular.


3. Learning the Truth

I held on to the locket for the day. It sat in the front pocket of my bag. I was afraid someone would snatch it at any moment.

I didn't see Eric for the rest of the day. He just disappeared. 

It's a good thing I'm a loner, so no one bothered me that day, except for my teachers.

When the last bell rang, I sprinted home. I rounded the corner and down to the complex. The elevator was taking forever, so I ran up the stairs. Thank God my door was next to them or I would be walking.

I was just about to unlock the door when I heard a familiar voice.

"Mrs. Bloomberg, the queen wants Jaquette to come home and learn her duties as princess and future queen. I gave her the old locket her parents left behind for her to remember them by. She will figure it out sooner or later."


" But she won't know anyone and what if she doesn't want to go?"

" What girl doesn't wan to be a princess. My sister is jealous that I get to work with her."

" Does your family know the secret?"

I heard silence for a few seconds before Eric replied, " Yes. They have known since the day the decision was made. My father was part of the council."

I couldn't take it anymore. I unlocked the door and threw it out of my way.

Eric was standing by the table. He was dressed all in black and had a badge clipped to his side. My grandmother was by the pink, tacky couch. She was pointing at him when I came in and now has her arm to her side.

" Oh, Sweetheart, what are you doing home?"

I looked back and forth between them in disbelief.

" You knew who I was when we met? And you," I pointed to my grandma, " You kept this secret from me for years? How could you?"

She walked over, but I backed away.

" Sweetie, you don't understand. It's complicated. But, you need to go with Sir Eric."

" I don't have to go anywhere."

" Please, go with him. He'll explain everything."

I looked to him. " Everything? You promise?"

He's expression changed quickly to serious when he said, " Yes."


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