Royal Crime

Tanner Bloomberg is as normal as any other fifteen year old but her life changes when she finds a secret locket of her mothers and she goes looking for her family history and finds something spectacular.


1. What Started It All

" Johnathan and Theresa Ellis: The Royal Tragedy" is plastered on the front of every magazine covering the shelves. They died fourteen years ago by arson.

I hear the whispers in the compact line for check out, silent prayers of remorse. My grandmother was talking to the cashier when I notice the covers. I quickly slipped a magazine under the case of water. I don't know why I did.

When we are heading to the car, I take it out of the bag it was placed in. My grandmother was to scatter- brained to really take notice. She's always in her head. One time, I caught her talking to our dog about the bills.

I have to find out where I have seen these faces before.




Home is a small apartment complex in Nebraska. Pink walls and white trim surround the outside. It was a two story building and has an attic. Our apartment lies on the top floor. My room is a light blue from when I painted it this summer and overlooks Mrs. Newberry's rose garden. My room has enough space for a large closet, enough room for a double bed, a dresser and a TV. I guess you can say I have it all.

I lock my door so my grandma wouldn't dare to bother. I look through the magazine till I find the cover article. I skim through the parts of the fire that struck the castle. I flip the page to a picture of a glowing girl with a tiara resting on her dark brown hair.

She looks nothing like the king and queen. They both had blonde, sun kissed hair and the lightest blue eyes. Kind of like me.

That's weird.


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