Shadows (One Direction)

The day you get kidnapped, by a woman, and she sells you too a house for hookers. You are scared, torn and broken, what will this bring? Nothing. You find out that your parents got killed, and that your younger siblings are alone, while you are caught in London.. You get help from five boys, but the police don't believe that you are Katerina Sykes, so you are here.. London, living with two boys Harry and Louis. You try to be strong, but it gets worse. You don't even know who they really are!


3. Reality.

Hey.. I have not slept.. all night, Harry took the couch while I got his bed, and I didn't even sleep. I sat up in the bed all night, watching Pokemon. I was sitting on the floor right now, crying again, it was Harry that found me last night, he just closed the door, holding me tight. I liked Harry, he made me feel safe, I wrapped my arms around my knees again, and hid my eyes, I hate crying, it makes me look so weak. "Trina.. are you awake!" I heard Harry ask. I didn't answer. "Hazza, let her sleep" Louis said. And out came my whine, the door opened, and Harry was by my side again.


"Trina, why didn't you get me!" he said, hugging me tightly. "I didn't want to annoy you" I said, through whines. I hid my face in his neck, just letting his perfume take over me! "Harry.. I can't live without them" I whispered "You have to.. For you brother and sister!" he said, rubbing my back. Louis stood in the door, looking at us, concerned and sad. "We are going to the police today" I felt my heart break even more. "I don't want to.. I am scared" I said. Harry nodded with small nods. "I know, but you have to" he said, more determined. "Okay" I said, he got up, helping me right after, he grabbed both of my hands "We will be there, all of the time!" he said. I smiled at him, sad and weak. "I know" I said, then we left.

* Police station*

"That is not her, you have no proof!" the officer said, I was speechless, and Harry was mad, we had been discussing this for five minutes now. "I am Katerina Sykes! Why don't you believe me.. Who would pretend to be a girl, that just got kidnapped, her parents killed, and now is an orphan." I said, he just looked evil at me. "Leave now, or you will all get arrested." he said. This fight was lost, I knew now that no one would believe me ever again. "Come Trina, lets just go home!" Harry said, grabbing me around my waist, he pulled me after him, and he was angry. I could tell by the way he opened the door and got in the car. "How did it go?" Louis asked with so much hope. "They don't believe that its her!" Harry said. "WHAT" Louis said with a really high voice. "Jus.. Just drive home to you" I whispered. He stepped on it again, even more mad.


The boys were all in the apartment, and Harry made a sign to them, so they would just shut up. "It is okay Harry" I said, I walked down the hall again, and stopped at the picture of Louis and that girl. "Who is she" I whispered, right then Pussy Cat jumped up in my arms, I only catched her at the last second. "Heey girl!" I said, running my hand over her soft fur. She jumped up in the air, and the picture fell down. "PUSSY CAT" I screamed, and saw the picture smash on the floor, making glass fly in every direction. One of the pieces cut a little hole in my hand. "Auch." I said, and started picking up the pieces when Louis came. "No stop with that, you will just cut yourself!" he said, helping me up. I grabbed the photo, and placed it in his room, the cut was not deep, so it already stopped bleeding. He swept up the glass when I came out again "Sorry.. she just jumped up and it fell down!" I said. He smiled and kept sweeping, I walked into Harry's room, and jumping into bed. I hated my life right now, and I needed it to be gone for just some seconds.


"Hey.. what are you doing?" I turned around and saw Zayn stand in the door. "Nothing, trying to forget reality.. What about you" I asked. "Trying to.. nothing?" he said, a little confused. "I have no idea what I am doing.. God.." he said. I laughed, and placed my head on the pillow again. "Why are you in here alone, you should be out with us!" he said. "Nah.. I am fine.. by myself.." I said, just looking out the window. "The worst part about all of this.. I can't even go to my parents funeral" I whispered for myself, I knew Zayn had left, and I just needed to calm down again. Then I felt a hand on my arm, I looked and looked straight into Harry's green eyes, they were filled with tears. "I am sorry.. I can't do anything for you!" he said, and the tears fell down his cheeks. "Harry, don't cry! Its not your fault.. I.. Please" I said, wiping away his tears, now I pulled him into a hug.


He was as broken as I right now, really sad. I never wanted him to be this.. well feel like this for someone like me. "Harry stop, I beg you" I said, he just rubbed his cheeks, and got up "Sorry Trina, I just cant have the feeling that I cant help you" he said, falling down on the bed, he was laying there, looking up on the ceiling. "Harry.. I know I already asked you this.. But why.. why are you helping me, you don't know me, you are clearly rich.. But why?" I asked. He looked confused for a little while. "Uhm.. Because.. I don't know why.. I guess we were all just.. brought up that way, to be gentlemen, helping others when they needed it" he said. "That is not an answer" I said, rubbing my forehead, I was tired, trying to forget everything. "It is? Why is that not an answer, it is the truth" he said, looking at me mad.


"Don't get mad.. I.. Sorry" I just said. But I really don't get the answer, I am really blond sometimes. I just started playing with a tot of hair, I always did that, when I was nervous, also biting my lip. "Are.. are you nervous about something?" Harry asked. "Huh.. what no!" I said, he laughed and got closer to me, he had a glare that told me he was up to something. "Harry what are you doing!" I asked, while he was pulling my legs straight, I didn't get scared, I just stared at him. "Oh.. nothing really!" he said, moving his face closer to mine, he made a fast change and I could feel his breath right by my ear. "Nothing else than a pillow fight" he whispered, then he was gone and a pillow hit my face, I grabbed one and attacked Harry, hit on hit. He grabbed the pillow, throwing it away, now I had no weapon. "I am without a weapon.. You are not allowed to hit anymore!" I said.


His pillow was hanging down by his site, and he smiled. His fingers let go of the pillow, and he just stood there, one meter away from me, he was just looking at me, with his arms down by his sides. "Harry" I whispered, he just kept looking at me. "Why" he whispered back. "Why what?" I asked, he just stormed out, he left me standing there looking after him, my hand flew up to my ear, I could still feel his breath. "Trina? Why did Harry storm out of here.. and out from the apartment." Liam asked. "I have no idea" I said, still staring at the door. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked. "Y.. Yes." I said, I felt like Harry was mad at me. "I just need some sleep" I said, still standing at the same spot. "Oh.. okay I will leave you then" he said, he looked at me for some time, then he closed the door. I walked really slowly over to the bed, I crawled under the covers, taking in his smell and fell asleep.




"Harry! Harry heeeeey!" someone yelled. Right now, I really didn't care, I was confused, sad and annoyed. How could this even happen, I don't know her! I just.. I don't know her! I was walking in the pouring rain, feeling.. wet. Weird right. Yeah so much, I just kept walking, trying to clear my mind, well it doesn't help.. not at all. I have walked this road a thousands of times, but now.. It actually seems strange, like I never had been here, I was getting more and more lost right now.. All the rumors about Taylor and me, and all the hate. I just cant take it any longer, I know I chose this fame, but sometimes.. just sometimes I wish I could walk on the street without screams. "HARRY!" a girl screamed, I smiled and waved. I continued down the street, I just needed a break.. A break from her, it is not right to fall for her!


I walked into the park were we found her, and sat on a bench. I could still feel her feelings, her sadness and the scared voice. I just looked around in the park, and saw those men again.. where they still looking for her, why is she so important! "She must be dead!" one of them said, I hurried to get my eyes turning towards the ground, I took my headset and pretended to listen to music. Alone in the rain, god! I got up, and started walking back home again. I needed to get out of this park, fast, I walked away in a normal tempo and stopped at Starbucks. I was soaked, and was freezing, I bought a coffee, the girl was smiling big at me, and I payed for my coffee and left. When i got out I saw her name and number on the cup. I just ignored it, and walked the rest of the way. I looked at my clock.. since when did the time go so fast, I got in and went for the elevator, I pressed our floor and the elevator started going up.


The doors opened, and I walked out. Katerina attacked me with a hug "I was so worried" she whispered. "Sorry" I whispered back, she moved back, and just smiled, I was lost. She just smiled, a real smile this time, she really had been worried. "Come.. we made tea" she said, and pulled me after her, I saw that Niall was the only one here "Uhm.. where are the others" I asked. "Girlfriends" Niall said, and smiled his cheeky smile. Typical them, leaving us for their girlfriends. But I love them, they are my brothers! "Well, lets relax!" I said, taking of the jacket and my shoes. "Maybe you should get some dry clothes on" Katerina said, and laughed. Who made her this happy, I just went into my room, found some clothes, and took of the wet. I took on some sweatpants and a white t-shirt, I walked out bare foot. Niall was joking with Trina, and I just shook my head about that.


"What are we going to do!" I asked. "Lord of the rings marathon!" Niall and Trina said at the same time. "Oh god.." I just said, and bumped down besides Niall, I could not sit by her site. "Oh.. okay so I gotta freeze" she said, looking at me, with eyes full of joking. "Yes you are!" I said, lifting one eyebrow. She frowned and leaned back, watching the movie! "POPCORN IS DONE!" Niall screamed and ran out in the kitchen. Awkward silence, and it annoyed me. "So.. why did you leave?" she asked. "I don't know" I said, looking down at my hands. She could see I was hiding something "I know the feeling, sometimes you just need to.. run away" she whispered, she was letting me go.. You know so I didn't have to tell. "Yeah" I said, and looked at the movie again.

*Ending of last movie*

"Louis is staying at Eleanor tonight" Niall said while yawning. "Oh.. okay!" I just said, "Well.. I should get going, it is late" he said, and gave me a hug, then he gave one to Trina and left, she looked so tired, and fragile. "Are you tired?" I asked, she nodded still laying down, after she moved to the other couch. "Go to bed then" I said, then she shook her head. "I can't sleep.. I just can't" she said, with a hoarse voice "Why?" I asked moving a little closer. "I see them every time I close my eyes" she said. "But.. Trina you need sleep." I said worried. "I know.. but I just can't.. they are laying there.. dead, in.. in their own blood" she said, while her voice changed and got more husky. I moved over to the couch and sat on the edge of it, she looked at me with tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry.. I just can't stop crying" she said.


I just pulled her up for a hug. "Trina, we will always be here for you, no matter what" I said. She nodded and calmed a little down. "Come, let me tuck you in" I said, she nodded again, and pulled out of the hug, first now.. now I really saw her. The beautiful blond hair, the dark green eyes and her perfect pink lips, I just.. felt like ice right now. "Harry.. move?" she said, I just stared at her, then I blinked some times "Oh yeah.. sorry" I just said, but right before she got up, the door opened. "HEY.. sorry we are coming so late, just continue with what you were doing, we will just place the... things here" Louis said, placing the bags and leaving again. She got up, and walked into bed, she was really tired, and didn't even care with the thing that just happened. "Harry.. you are slow" she said, walking into my room. "Sorry" I said, following her.


She was already in bed, rubbing her eyes, she smiled when I walked in.. I really wanted to sleep in my own bed, the couch is... spikes. You know compared to mine, "So.. ready to sleep Trina" I asked, while sitting down on the bed. "Yeah.. I just don't think I can do it." she said. I smiled and started cuddling her arm. "You're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or" she looked at me, with big eyes. "Don't need make-up to cover up, be in the way that you are is eno-o-ough. Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you, baby you light up my world. Like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, and when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell, you don't kno-o-ow you don't know you beautiful" I finished, and she was smiling.


"Wow.. you sing that song.. perfectly! My sister listened to that band all the time, so did my brother" she said, smiling. I just smiled back, she really don't know who we are... does she? I got up, when I saw that her eyes closed. "Don't leave" she said, when I was at the door. "What" I said, and went back. "Don't leave me" she said. "Okay, I am gonna sit here until you fall asleep" I said, and sat down. "No.. don't leave at all!" she said. I was a bit confused, then she moved over, she crawled over to the right side of the bed. I crawled under the covers, after I took of my shirt, she still had her eyes closed. I took the cover over me, and looked at her for a while. Then I noticed that she was asleep.

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