Shadows (One Direction)

The day you get kidnapped, by a woman, and she sells you too a house for hookers. You are scared, torn and broken, what will this bring? Nothing. You find out that your parents got killed, and that your younger siblings are alone, while you are caught in London.. You get help from five boys, but the police don't believe that you are Katerina Sykes, so you are here.. London, living with two boys Harry and Louis. You try to be strong, but it gets worse. You don't even know who they really are!


2. Kidnapped.

"Mom, I will be home soon! Trust me, I am just going over to hand the paper!" "Not today Trina. Go to bed" I stormed up the stairs, cursing and swearing, silently of course. Why is it, that a girl on 17 is not allowed to go across the street to hand a paper! I walked down the hallway and up to the attic where my room is. I slammed the door, and went to my computer "Marie, my mom wont let me give it to you!" "It is okay, just give it to me tomorrow, we cannot fail this!" "Yeah I know, I will just turn in now, and get some sleep. I will see you tomorrow, at 8!" I said, and closed my laptop. I pulled my shirt over my head and took of my bra, I grabbed my t-shirt that I was sleeping with and took it over my head.


Then I took of my shorts and took on my pants, I was ready to go to bed, when I heard a scream. And another one, and one more. I froze.. No it is just John, that is trying to scare me. I decided to walk over to my door, and opened it, when I did.. there were no screams, no talking.. only footsteps. "John.. quit messing with me! I am not in the mood! Seriously, I just want to sleep!" I said, in a whisper. I saw a man at the bottom of the stairs, I froze, not trying to move once, he stormed up the stairs, tackling me. "NO.. we can use her! Take her with us! Just.. tie her.. everywhere!" someone said. I felt a hit to my head, and everything was black.


"Shh.. don't wake her.. we don't need her to ask questions!" a man said, with.. a British accent I think. I kept my eyes closed, and didn't move. "What do you think, the Lady will say.. she always needs new girls to sell.. The old ones gets boring. I opened my eyes.. Old ones, boring! "Well.. look the girl is awake!" one of them said. I sat up, and hit a wall. "Where am I!" I said, trying not to cry. "You my love.. Are in a house!" I looked at the men, one tall with black hair and green eyes, he had a face like a hawk. The other normal size, brown hair, brown eyes and looked like a pig. I knew this was bad, really bad. "Stone, Freedom. Get out here!" a woman screamed, they left and locked the door. I was lying in a big bed, the walls were red, and so was the light. I looked around, a chair, some chains.. CHAINS! This has to be a joke. I got up, and walked to the door. "Let me out!" I said, banging on it, I was scared and freaking out. "LET ME OUT I SAID" I was screaming now.


I heard the door being unlocked, and moved backwards, ain't no good idea with getting a door smashed in your face. A woman came in, followed by the pig and the hawk. "Well.. that is lovely, just lovely. Long blond hair, green eyes, a models face. You have done well Stone and Freedom! I am proud" she said, grabbing my face, in both hands. "What do you want with me!" I whispered. "I want to sell you! Sell you to a house where they sell sex to men and woman!" she said. I tried to move away, but she placed her hand on one of my breasts. "Perfect breasts too! Well, get him in here, so he can look at her.. fools!" she said, and placed me on the bed.


"NOW" she screamed, and they nearly fell over each other. Right after they were back, with a beautiful man. "Hello love, My name is Sir Edward George O'connor, you are now belonging to me, so come on dear!" he said, and handed the woman some money. I just did what he said, and followed, I was scared, but I had to do it. We walked through a hall where the walls where rotten, the painting falling of and so on, then I was a door, leading out to the streets. He grabbed my arm and pulled me after him. "Where are we going" I whispered "Home" he said. We got outside, and he pushed me into a car. "See you soon Ella" he said, then he got in and closed the door after him. "What is your name love." he asked. "Katerina Sykes" I whispered. "Beautiful name, but from now on, your name will just be Kat." he said. I nodded and moved away from him.


"No no.. Don't be scared love, I will never harm you, never!" he said. I just looked at him. He had the most beautiful face, the brownest eyes and the most blond hair. "What is it that you want from me" I asked. "I am going to sell you. You are going to sell sex to horny men" he said, looking at me totally cold. I tried to open the door, but it was impossible. "No.. I don't want to!" I said. "They never want to.. But you are going to do it, or else I will harm you!" he said. I just went into a protective position. I just sat there with my legs closed, my arms wrapped around them, and staring at him. Only him, if he was going to hurt me, I would be ready. The car stopped, and we were in front of an old building, kinda royal style I would say, he opened the door, and waited for me. I found out that it was already dark, and strangely there were no people around


"Come on out, we need to get you settled in. I don't have all night, I have a family!" he said, I got out slowly but fast. I was to scared to even blink. A big man came over, and grabbed my arm, pulling me after him into the building. I came into darkness, and only darkness. It scared me, but really.. I can't really get more scared than I am right now! He let go for two seconds and I was off, but I was stopped by another man. Dammit! "Hello little dove!" he said, I just tried to get out, but he pulled me back. "So. New one! Huh Smith." the man that took me in here just nodded. "See girl, Smith over there, lost his.. tongue in an accident.. You don't want to get into an accident.. do ya dove!" "N.. No" I just said, he pulled me into a room, where a girl was. She looked... high?


"Cal.. this is your new... student.. teach her well, or Sir O'connor will punish you." he said, he pushed me in, and closed the door behind him, locking it. "Hey love, how are you.. Wanna smoke?" she asked. I shook my head, and sat down on a empty bed. "Where am I?" I asked, she just laughed "Look at me girl.. I am a hooker, what do you think you will be, a maid!" she said, with so much sarcasm. I just looked down on my hands, and felt the tears. "Where are you from.. Kat" she asked. "California" I answered, she sighed. "So you have already fucked boys" she asked. "Never." I answered, looking up, even though my tears were streaming down my face. "You are.. brave.. No one.. not even the smallest girl, cries. They are to afraid." she said, getting up.


She walked towards me, smiling a concerned smile, she was not so tough again. "I want to go home. Now" I whispered. "We all do love, but we have no choice. We were all kidnapped, only one got away. And she is dead now!" she said. "How did you know my name." I asked. "I.. I was told to teach the new student, named Kat, some things" she said. "I won't do it!" I said. "Then.. you will die faster than anyone else." she said, and moved away. "Go to sleep, we will have a long day tomorrow" she said. I sighed, crawling under the cover, and pulling it over me. I am going to survive, get away and survive again. I promise to god I will!


*Next morning*


"Get up Kat, we have to go shopping for you!" Cal said, I just frowned, realizing where I am, I hate it already.. Always will. I crawled out of bed, and looked around "Even when you just slept... you still look like an angel." she said, handing me a pair of jeans and a shirt. "Thanks" I said, and took it on, really fast, she smiled, and handed me some sneakers. "Ready?" she asked. I just nodded, we walked out of the room, and continued out on the street. "Why is it, that you never tried to run?" I asked her, in a whisper. "Well, because I would have no chance?" she said. "Why?" I asked. "I am 20, I have not been outside... you know really outside, other times than when I was waiting on customers." she said, "What would happen if I ran" I asked. "They would look for you?" she said. "Oh okay.." I just said, we were in the city now, I looked for possibility's. Nothing major, just run and you will find a hiding place. "In here!" she said.


We walked into a store, and she looked around, "I will just try this, don't go anywhere" she said. I nodded and sat down, she walked to the dressing room, closing the curtain. I got up, and sneaked out. I will not be a hooker! I ran for my life, and through the streets, hearing no one, except for the people that was walking. I saw a park and ran in there, hiding in a bush. I just sat down, trying to catch my breath. That will say, I stayed there for hours, and felt the air getting colder, the sky getting darker, and the shadows getting more visible. I sat there, crying and trying not to make any sounds, it was hard when I heard people going by, I laid down, in fetal position, letting the darkness go to my bones. That was when i heard some boys. "Louis, stop running! Really.. Watch out for that stone!" someone yelled, I heard a bump, right in front of the bush, I just stopped breathing. "Auuu that really hurt!" someone said, right in front of my face.


I felt like a statue, and breathed almost silence. "I heard something" someone said, I knew it was me. "Shut up Zayn, you are scaring Niall!" another one said, I stopped breathing. They started to argue, and it annoyed me a bit. "Harry stop with that" "No, I wont." I heard someone walked closer to the bush, and then a person fell down in front of me. I got up and started to sprint. "What the hell!" one of them said, I lost my balance and fell, I felt a sharp feeling in my arm, and nearly screamed, I tried to get up, but all I could think of was that now, I was getting back to that place, I was going to be a hooker, and die there. "Get up Katerina.. Get up" I whispered, but my arm was shooting pains up in my shoulder. I started crying. My hand was hurting, and I heard steps. "Where did that girl go?" a boy said with a strange accent. "I don't know" one of them said, I heard a sound and a cat attacked me, I screamed and now they knew.. great.


I kept trying getting up, but I couldn't and the cat was standing there wheezing at me. "Oh fuck of pussy!" I whispered. It stopped and looked at someone behind me, I closed my eyes praying. "There she is!" one of them said. I just stopped breathing. "Please leave me.. don't take me back to that house, I don't wanna die" I said, crying. I felt a hand on my back and kept my eyes closed. "Hey.. babe, its okay.. Don't worry we wont harm you!" one of them said. I just ignored him, crying even harder. "Please, I don't want to be a prostitute.. I really don't!" I whined. "What are you talking about sweetie"


I just have to pretend that they aren't there, then they will leave, but apparently not. "Go away" I whispered. No one listened. "Psh go fuck of cat!" one of them said, but it stayed looking at me, like I was the owner. "Be nice Liam! It is just a cat" one of them said, I struggled and got up in a sitting position, I looked at them through tears. "Leave me alone, you will just get hurt." I said, and looked at the boy that was right in front of me. "Where is that girl" I heard familiar voices. "It is them, go and let them take me" I whispered. "Get in that bush! Now!" he said, I got in there, he started talking to the boys. "Where is that cat!" they started looking and grabbed it, the men came and looked at them. "Hello.. have you seen a blond haired girl." one of them asked. "Out here, now! No" one of them said, I held my breath. "Oh okay, thank you" the man said, the walked out of the park really fast.


"We need to get her home with us, fast and safe. We cant leave her.. Louis get the car with Harry, we will stay here and get her to the car, when you are parked outside the gate. Hurry!" I stayed here, and the cat came over to me, it kept purring, it was sweet. The boys were gone when I looked again, except for three of them. "What do you think... you know management will say?" one of them asked. "Nothing, cause if they do.. I will personally take care of them." "Come out here!" he then said. I got out there, and held the cat in my arms "Where are you from." the boy asked. "California." I mumbled. "COME ON!" one of the boys that went after the car yelled, they got me to the car, and in. I am safe.. I think.. I still had the cat. "What is your name" he asked again "Katerina" I whispered. "My name is Zayn, that is Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis. You are safe, don't worry" he said.


I hugged the cat into my chest, it was just really sweet. All the trip we were silent, I was tired, still scared and out of my mind. I am in London, my parents must be sick of... wait.. the screams.. No.. "Does any of you have a phone.. with internet I can borrow for a sec?" I asked, Zayn handed it to me, and the first thing I did, was going on Google, typing in my address and so on. The searching went crazy, even though I already knew what I would find, I knew that I was going to break. "Can one of you read it.. I ju.. I can't" I said, Zayn grabbed it and took the first link. "Juliet and Marcus Sykes, parents of three, has been found dead by their son John (10) The 17 year old daughter is gone, and is missing now on the 72 hour. John and Aia has been held by the oldest daughters best friends family. Katerina Sykes, is reported missing to the police, if you know anything, let the police know" Zayn read out. The car stopped, I couldn't breath any longer, my heart felt like broken glass. "They killed my parents" I whispered.


The boys were silent, and just looked at me, I had no choice, I needed to go to the police! "We have to go.. go to the police" I whispered, Louis stomped the accelerator, and started driving the same direction, even I knew that the police station was the other way. "First, you need food, water, sleep and so on!" he said. He really didn't care, or maybe he did "What about my little brother and sister!" I asked, more strong now. "You will see them again! Soon" he said. He pulled in a garage and got out, closing the garage door. He locked it, and opened my door, I was scared "Harry get her up in our apartment, she is safer with both of us here!" he said, and put out his hand, I was still holding the cat, it was sleeping. I got out, and he closed the door, I followed Harry, the curly haired one.


We got to an elevator "Why are you helping me!" I asked, when the door closed. "Because we are human. Because we don't like seeing people getting hurt" he said, and looked at me with tears in his eyes. He had been crying "H.. Have you been crying" I asked, and walked closer to him. "No.. I got something in my eyes" he said and rubbed them. "Liar" I said, trying to smile, but it was impossible. I was dead inside, had no feelings... nothing. "I am scared." I whispered. "What?" he said, looking confused. "I am scared... what if I am not allowed to take care of my siblings! What do they do then.. I can't live without them.. I would rather be dead" I said, he moved really close holding me. "Don't ever say that" he whispered in my hair. The doors opened, and he pulled me after him, we were in an apartment, and it was big. "Wait here Trina" he said, and left me, I heard a door open, and stood as stone.


Harry came back seconds after "Here, change into this.. You need different clothes" he said, and smiled a half smile. "Thanks" I mumbled, and took it.. "What.. oh the bathroom" he said, he grabbed me around the waist, and followed me down a long hall, he stopped by a door with a funny sign "Someones gotta do the dirt" it said, I smiled and walked in. "HARRY" Louis screamed, I closed the door, with a strange look from Harry.. I had never seen that look, only one time. I sat down the cat, on the toilet, then I took of my own clothes and jumped into the sweatpants and a big t-shirt! With stripes. I felt comfy, and took the cat again. "I.. I am going to call you Pussy Cat." I said, and giggled a little.


I was about to grab the handle, when someone did it. I froze "Katerina, are you done yet.. I gotta pee!" one of the boys said. "Yeah" I said, and opened, it was Niall.. Why do they look so familiar? I walked past him, and he hurried in, closing the door fast, locking it. I looked at my surroundings, it was a.. expensive apartment, and it was pretty nice, pictures of the boys on the walls, but one picture caught my eye.. It was a little girl, with a boy.. A boy with a a funny dress way. "Oh.. there you are, hehe.. I see you are looking at me and my childhood friend for a summer. I haven't seen her since then." Louis said. "You were cute when you were little" I said, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Well.. she reminds me of someone" I said. He just looked kinda confused, then he shook his head, like he was shaking something out of his mind. "Well, you must be hungry" he said, I followed him, with Pussy Cat in my arms. I am weird.


I felt like crying, but it was like my tears were locked in my eyes. It hurt, even more than loosing something really important. Don't get me wrong, I have lost something important, but.. It isn't fair that I can't cry over it, it just isn't fair. They had placed some cereal and a cup of milk, I just drank the milk first, and ate the cereal slowly. Then my thought collided together, and the tears ran down my cheeks, but silent. The boys didn't notice me leaving, but I sneaked out to the bathroom, sitting up against the wall, with my arms around my knees. I just.. broke down, I was breathless, without feelings.. My tears just ran down my cheeks like a waterfall. "Hey.. where did Trina go?" I heard Harry ask. I saw Pussy Cat, at the door meowing. "Shut it" I whispered, it meowed even louder, and now the boys know where I am, stupid cat.

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