Kidnapped by One Direction

My favorite band has kidnapped me and won't let me leave what will happen to me?


1. Kidnapped

I was walking down with my friends to Starbucks. While we were walking there was a mysterious white van coming down near us. I got really scared. My friends had ran really fast. I was trying to run fast but couldn't. Then out came five guys and kidnapped me. I was thrown into a van. I thought to myself they wanna kill me. Then I was faking sleeping and they knew I was awake. This was really bad. I was laying down on one of the guys and was tied to him. Harry couldn't stand I was up and rolled up my sleeves and he said to Zayn " Give it to me." Once I saw what it was it was a shot he had injected into me. I blackened out. Why was I being kidnapped? I woke up as soon as we entered the dungeon. The house of evil. They had taken off their disguise. They found my phone and tied me up. Harry had duck taped my mouth shut and sat near me. He texted my friends saying " If you want to see your friend alive then come near the house and drop off $10,000 and if u don't we will kill her we have knives." Harry sent it. Harry told Louis to give him a knife. He took off the duck tape. All the guys surrounded me. He had held my throat and put the knife near it. He said if I try to escape he would kill me with it. I said "I won't master." He then laid me down on Zayn"s lap. Niall held me down. He injected me with a shot and I blackened out.
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