-1 stationary and 1d

the life of Harry, Paige, Liam, Riley, Sidney, Louis, Karlei, Zayn, Haley, and Niall.


4. where the hell is she?!


Liam’s POV

I wake up running my fingers through my thick brown hair. I knew Riley was exhausted from our concert last night, even though the fans take an odd disliking to her I have no idea why though. I roll over pulling the soft white sheets off of my fit body. I went to kiss Riley’s forehead and I kissed the pillow. What I kissed a pillow? I pulled off the covers and all there was were pillows stuffed where she was when I went to sleep. I saw a little spot of blood where I put her head. I stood up hastily and walked around to her side of the bed seeing blood tracked all the way to the window. Since we were on the first floor I knew something was wrong, I knew the fans weren’t allowed to be in the hotel but I didn’t think they would stay away. Then my mind went back to last night when Riley got all those death threats! I had to find her and fast! I called Zayn he picked up on the first ring.

                Zayn sounded tired “thank you for waking me up” he says saracticaly “wha-“

 “Zayn I need you here now!” I screamed into the phone cutting him off. i soon started to hypervenalate. He just kept saying soothing things trying to get me to calm down, that’s when I heard a knock at the door. I ran over to it and swung it open, there stood zayn with his phone in his hand. He slid it in his pocket quickly and walked in looking around. And that’s when my hotel room phone rang, I picked it up quickly. A chilling voice said “we have your precious girlfriend, call the cops and she dies now!” I hear someone scream in the backround and it must have been her.

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