-1 stationary and 1d

the life of Harry, Paige, Liam, Riley, Sidney, Louis, Karlei, Zayn, Haley, and Niall.


1. the concert


“ONE DIRECTION AND -1 STATIONARY LADIES AND GENTELMEN” the announcer said over the loud speaker as we took our final bows and waved to the giant crowd. All of the fans screaming and yelling was astounding, I mean I knew teenage girls could be loud but they constantly gave me a head ache. Don’t get me wrong I love all of them but it sometimes gets on my nerves. All ten of us ran off the stage and into our dressing rooms, I shared mine with Harry, Haley shared her’s with Niall, Karlei and Zayn shared theirs, so did Sidney and Louis, and lastly Riley and Liam shared. I sat at the dresser fixing my hair and make-up while Harry changed. Once he was done he came over taking my hair out of the pony tail I’d just previously put it in and smiled singing “you don’t know your beautiful” then kissing me softly on the lips. I return the kiss as someone knocks on the door. I jump up almost knocking him over and open the door to see a distraught Niall. I let him in and he immediately hugs me. I do my best to close the door behind him, and then I pat his back softly trying to comfort him. Although I don’t think Harry giving him the death glare is helping any.

                Harry clears his throat “I think that’s enough mate” he says abruptly in his thick British accent once Niall backs off, he slides his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. Niall has a deer in the headlights look as he pulls out a small purple box and opens it, the ring inside the tiny box has a large diamond in the middle of the small sliver band. I gasp when I see it and Harry looks down at me then back to Niall saying softly “Are you going to propose tonight?”

                Niall sighs with a sad shrug of his shoulders “I don’t know what to do, you’ve done it” he pauses briefly no doubt trying to word his next sentence. “I um will you tell me what to say?” he smiles nervously. I look down at my engagement ring playing with it slightly, not sure of what to say to Niall.

                I finally come up with something pithy then say “tell her how you feel then ask her?” Harry kisses the top of my head “you’d make a better man than me” he states with a laugh and with that Niall smiles and runs out of the room moments later I hear Haley screaming “YES! OF COURSE I WILL!?” I laugh softly as I mess with Harry’s hair, pulling a stray curl off of his face. He kisses me again and all I could think about was how soft his lips were, then next thing I know I’m being thrown over Paul’s shoulder, and being our security guard I’m almost positive he gets paid to man handle teen age girls. The rest of the boys and their girlfriends follow us. How are Harry and I the only ones that never get the message that it’s time to go, never not once has anyone came into our dressing room and said that. I personally think it’s because they like to see Paul have to come and separate us. Once he sets me down in front of the door I smooth out my black silky dress and re-fix my hair. “Thanks thanks a lot Paul” I say sarcastically “next time I hope one of you gets carried” I spit at them and scowl. I see Liam swallow nervously then hold on to Riley’s hand tighter. Harry puts his arm around my waist as we all walk to the limo. Both sides of the walkway are packed with screaming fans and reporters waiting to ruin our reputation. Just for the fans Harry pauses and kisses my cheek letting them take our picture, as we continue I noticed Liam defending riley from some of the fans comments. She looked particularly upset, I always felt so bad for her.

 Riley’s POV

I don’t know how these little girls even have these harsh words in their vocabulary, so much for cute and innocent little girls. When Liam squeezed my hand back at the entrance of the stadium he was trying to tell me that he was going to be right there to support me no matter what they said. I don’t know what happened lately I mean it was all ok for a while then; I personally got all the hate. Did I do something wrong? Are they just upset that I’m dating Liam? Or do they just pick on me because I’m the shy quiet one? This is what I ask myself almost every day, I haven’t been eating as much as I used to. This is just so stressful I want to just give up, but the only person that makes my life worth living is Liam. He’s my knight in shining armor, without him I would be no one. At least we were almost to the limo one step after another their hatful words seem to drag me down more than I already do to myself. It was getting almost impossible not to cry to I stopped him and cried softly into his shoulder. But without hesitation he swooped me up bridal style running the rest of the way to the limo. He set me gently on the seat then quickly got in after me sitting next to me and letting me use him as a human snot rag. “Thank you, love” I said with a frail shaky voice. He lifted up my chin slowly “Don’t let them get to you, ok? Their not worth it.” I nod then Liam wipes the mascara that was running down my face off with his thumb. The driver starts the engine driving to our hotel, I drift off into a deep sleep in the comfort of Liam’s arms.

Sidney’s POV

After the driver started the engine I couldn’t help but notice that Riley was pretty upset about something, not that I really care I mean she just drags us down. I mean I know why she gets all the hate it’s because she’s the weakest link of all of us. I just can’t believe Louis is mad at me again I didn’t even do anything! He’s such a drama queen, I sigh just thinking about him. He’s mad at me because I didn’t want to kiss him on stage, big deal I know right. He’s just jealous that everyone’s relationships are going perfectly and ours isn’t well he just needs to man up and get over it. Louis moves closer to me and kisses me sincerely “I’m sorry baby, I just really want us to work out” he states. I kiss him back as the limo pulls up to the hotel. I jump out and take Louis hand as we walk to the door. Everyone was lagging behind us, Louis opened the door for me and the rest of them.

Paige’s POV

Louis was such a gentleman, I thought as he held open the door for all of us. So was Liam he was carrying Riley instead of waking her up. We all got to the elevators and went to our separate rooms, we couldn’t get any rooms next to each other like we preferred but oh well. Harry and I went up to the penthouse and quickly got ready for bed. All harry did was strip down to his boxers and pull back the bed sheets, but I washed the soft tan skin of my face, then changed into a pair of pj pants and one of his old tee shirts. We both flopped into the bed and pulled up the warm sheets. I said “good night babe, I love you” then turned off the lamp next to the bed. He put his arm over my waist moving closer to me then whispering in my ear “I love you too, sweet dreams.” It seemed like seconds after he said that I was already dreaming.

Harry’s POV

Her velvety voice said “good night babe, I love you” i then draped my arm over her waist whispering to her “I love you too, sweet dreams.” I was soon dreaming about her and I raising a family together and the rest of our lives when I was woken up abruptly by my phone ringing. I sat up slowly not wanting to wake my princess up. I grabbed my cell off of the night stand answering the call “hello?” I said groggily while rubbing the sleep from my eyes. An equally tired sounding voice said “Is this Mr. Styles?”

                 I sighed thinking it might be a fan that somehow got my number, “it is, is there a problem?” the person on the other line said “this is Ms. Angela George I was taking care of your Aunt Jones, I offer my sincere condolences she has just passed away.” I sit there stunned for a moment “what happened?” I say frantically.

                “she had a maternal death, but the baby is fine and I was told you were the first person to call” I sit there dumbfounded, she wasn’t pregnant? Was she? I know she had her husband walk out on her a few months ago. “I um errr how does this relate to me?” I ask as calmly as I can.

                The woman on the phone says “You are in full custody of the child, we need you come to the hospital to sign some papers, then she’s all yours” She…… It was a girl, I knew my aunt always wanted a little girl, someone to go shopping with, or someone to play tea parties with, but instead she got a nephew like me. I smiled at the thought of her and the little girl. But quickly grew pale realizing that it was not my little girl. “i-I’ll be right there” I hung up and left Paige a note just in case she woke up before I got back, I also sent the boys a text reading. “I’ll be back later mates I have some… let’s just say business to take care of”

                I called a taxi and arriving at the hospital promptly, I walked straight to the desk and told the older attendant what I was there for and she pointed me towards a taller blonde woman with paperwork in her hands. I rushed up to her and said “I’m Harry styles and I was told you had my paper work.” she just nodded tiredly handing me a stack of papers, it was mostly easy like age, role of guardian, things like that, but I was stumped when I got to her birth certificate. Name, what’s a good name? What would Paige choose? I know we already had a conversation about this I just have to think of her favorite names. SAVANAH! I got it I quickly wrote down Savannah Amber Styles. I turned in my paperwork and was allowed to take Savannah home. They handed me a little pink bundle and wished me the best of luck. I quickly returned to the taxi and the man in his mid-twenties said “aren’t you harry styles of one direction?” I replied with only a resounding yes, as we pulled back up to the hotel. I threw him a fifty dollar bill and said “thanks” before running up to the penthouse waiting for her to wake up. I watched the sunset with Savannah, who stayed quiet the whole time. I sat on the bed my back resting against the head board with the little pink bundle in my hands.

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