-1 stationary and 1d

the life of Harry, Paige, Liam, Riley, Sidney, Louis, Karlei, Zayn, Haley, and Niall.


6. Liam's choice


Riley’s POV

I knew that they were calling Liam, I wanted him to save me. These little girls are so cruel I feel like a caged bird, I can’t do anything I’m trapped in this chair my arms and legs strapped to the chair, next to it was a table of weapons. I mean these items weren’t usually used as weapons the stuff was like baseball bats, hammers, knives, and such. But they also had some things I didn’t know kids could even get possession of things like pills, syringes, and a gun. One little girl hefted the metal bat and swung it right at my rib cage as they pulled another girl into a chair on the other side of the room. They strapped her down as the other one flipped on the light of this rusty old shack. I screamed out in pure agony as the bat made contact with my skin. I looked over at the girl and it suddenly clicked! That was Paige! I chuckled to myself, noticing how pissed off Harry would be when he found out what happened then maybe, just maybe he would save both of us. I had to stop laughing it hurt my ribs too much. The little girl pulled out the syringe, jabbing it into my forearm. Seconds later everything went fuzzy and then I was out cold.

Liam’s POV

I was so mad why couldn’t they just leave her alone. She was the sweetest girl; she wouldn’t even hurt a fly. I loved her and if that was their problem then they would just have to get over it. I slammed my head into my hands as I sat down on the bed, Zayn sat with me and said “don’t worry we’ll find her”

                I know it was a risk but I called the police on Zayn’s phone just incase they were tracking my calls. 

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