I Promise

I am that underweight, ugly, different girl that only has one friend. I guess i have a troubled life between my brother Eric, my abusive mother, her jerk boyfriend, and my daddy's grave. Well it's true I only have one friend. She is beautiful and gets so much attention. But what made us friends is we are directioners. The only thing special about me is I have backstage passes to the new One direction concert. I thought Niall was staring at me but that's impossible...or is it?
My first movellas...if it sucks i am SO sorry.


3. Finally

 *Gwynne's P.O.V.*

      "You aren't going no where!" My mom and Zach growled together. "But...bu-" I tried to think o an excuse when Zach reached over and slapped  me. "Now go to your room! And undress yourself!" Zach ordered. Maybe if I did what I was told he wouldn't take my virginity. I knew that's what he was planning on doing. He walked in with ropes and duct tape! He started tying me up and he put duct tape  over my mouth. I knew what he was doing. My sweet precious virginity will be gone in a matter of seconds. He started to pull his clothes off. His body made me want to puke. Niall where the hell are you?!                 *Zach's P.O.V.*       I never wanted to tell her but she was so sexy. Her body was just my little play toy, with the right size boobs and bum. But I had to get a reason before Annie let me rape her. Her virginity is going to be taken. I don't care, maybe that slut shouldn't even thought about turning us in.                   *Gwynne's P.O.V.*       He starts feeling my body. I don't like it he is really rough and his hands are dirty. I don't like him on top or even close to me. But I prepare myself for the pain coming. He grabs my waist I know I have no where to escape now. God help me! He enters me  and doesn't even give me time to adjust. I scream at the top of my lungs, it hurts badly. I feel something down 'there', it's blood. Well goodbye virginity.                        *Niall's P.O.V*     She hasn't come out in about 15 minutes. I have tried her cellphone ad so has Anna. Anna is so scared, I guess I am too. We hear crashing objects and Gwynne screeched. Anna must've thought Gwynne got hit, because she tears started streaming down her face. I automatically felt hurt and disappointment. Then I heard a man grunt. Their walls must be very thin and also we have the window rolled down. Gwynne's door is still opened from where she left with a smile. Oh god that smile, it was so beautiful...everything about her was beautiful. Gwynne's screams interrupted my thoughts. No! I am not gonna wait in the car and let her get hurt. I'm going in.                 *Zach's P.O.V*        She screamed. She wasn't enjoying it, but I was. I don't care what she likes or doesn't like. Not my fault. I was thrusting quickly. When I felt something liquid...her blood. Good, her virginity is gone. All because of me. Is it bad I am not ashamed at all? I was just about to come when a little blonde boy interrupted us. I didn't even know him.                *Gwynne's P.O.V.*       I tried to keep in my screams. Maybe then he would stop. It hurt badly, I felt like someone was just ripping me open from the inside. I wanted it to stop. I didn't want to  give my virginity away to someone like him. But what am I gonna do now. My thoughts were interrupted when a tall blonde boy walked through the door. Niall! He is here to help. He rips Zach off of me and starts punching him. He had with a bloody nose and a busted lip when Niall gave him one last punch that knocked him out. "Niall!" I screamed. He got up an hugged me when he squeezed me tighter his face went red as a tomato. That's when I realized I was still naked. I felt my face flush red. I tried to get up and get dressed but I couldn't it hurt too much.  I feel on my knees I bent down and wept. That's when it all hit me. My virginity is gone, I gave it to my moms boyfriend, I really didn't give it to him...I was raped. Niall saw me and helped me get dressed. He is so sweet. He picked me up and carried me bridal style to Anna's car. He went back in to my house then came out with bags. We started on my way to my party. When we arrived almost my whole school and many celebrities were there. I know people from my school only came because of Niall but I don't care.  "Gwynne do you like it?" Niall said with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. "No!" I said and then the hope was replaced with a deep shade of blue. "I LOVE it!" I screamed and I jumped out of the car and hugged him. I stared into his eyes for what felt like an eternity. He leaned in, I followed his lead. He brushed his lips on mine. I took a breath leaned in closer and kissed him. I finally did it, it felt so right, his lips were so warm against my cold ones. I could feel the fireworks and the butterfly's in my tummy.                   *Niall's P.O.V.*            She kissed me! Finally, I have wanted this for so long and it finally happened. We drunk a few drinks but not enough to start forgetting stuff. We danced together all night. She started grinding on me around the end of the night. I knew she didn't want to talk about what had happened earlier at her house so I didn't.  She was a good dancer, and to be honest she looked pretty sexy tonight. But hey we just shared our first kiss tonight. These thoughts I been having are gonna have to wait. After everyone left we walked inside the dirty house. Well it was the lads and my holiday house. I twirled her into the house when we stopped she gave me a hug. I hugged her tighter, I went to kiss her forehead when she looked up. My lips landed on hers and neither of us hesitated to kiss each other back. She pulled back and said. "I loved the party Nialler." She smiled the cheesiest grin. I laughed then kissed her and said. "Not as much as I love you!"
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