I Promise

I am that underweight, ugly, different girl that only has one friend. I guess i have a troubled life between my brother Eric, my abusive mother, her jerk boyfriend, and my daddy's grave. Well it's true I only have one friend. She is beautiful and gets so much attention. But what made us friends is we are directioners. The only thing special about me is I have backstage passes to the new One direction concert. I thought Niall was staring at me but that's impossible...or is it?
My first movellas...if it sucks i am SO sorry.


1. Concert, Phone, Threat

 I woke up to my cuts bleeding. This usually happens when I dream about Niall. Yes, Niall Horan from One Direction. I wanted to met him. I am gonna have my chance I have 1D concert tickets and backstage passes. I wasn't some weirdo that wanted to get him inside of me... I am still a virgin to be honest. But back to my dream, I only had it because the concert was in a couple days. And also I did mean cuts. I have to, it takes the pain away. My dad died my mom is abusive...I have to take care of my brother, Eric. I would turn in my mom but I was only 17 I was scared they would take Eric from me. When daddy died I promised him that would never happen. I always keep my promises. I brought my only friend along. Anna. She was a Directioner. I knew that she would scream at the the boys a bit but oh well. I wasn't going alone. She had on a basically matching shirt but hers was short sleeves. She had on Holister jeans. So did I, she bought me my pair, for my birthday last year. We did our hair, we were ready. I was so excited I was literally shaking. Anna had on her Harry bracelet. I am sorta glad she didn't like Niall...it would be awkward between us at the concert. We got in her car. She and her family were perfect. She was the only child with two loving, caring parents. They wasn't exactly filthy rich but they were far from being poor. I didn't let her roll the windows down. Her hair would be beautiful but mine would look like a auburn fire was started on my head.  I wasn't taking that chance. It would be nice for this night to be perfect. "Gwynne c'mon!" Anna screamed. I am so glad her dad had connections. He was the one who got us the backstage passes. I honestly have no idea how.
                *after the concert*
I had only got to hug the boys and get their auto-graph. I hugged Niall first, I thought I was crazy but his eyes seemed to follow me every time I saw him.   I once caught and kept the gazed in his crystal blue eyes. I felt like melting right there. But I promised I wouldn't creep them out. I decided it was late and I knew Eric was safe, so Anna and I decided to stay at a hotel a hour from there. It was pretty fancy. I was glad we got a room with out booking like a month ahead. But hey small town.  Not a lot of visitors. I started walking to the elevator when I heard a voice I had heard before...not familiar but it was a very thick irish accent I knew I have heard it.  I turn around to see Niall. He must've saw my shock, "Please don't scream or cry!" He pleaded. "I wouldn't." I said. "Well thanks. WIAT!" He screamed. "I remember you!" I was honestly shocked. Out of all the fans he remembered me? "How?" Was all I could manage to say. "How can anyone forget those Beautiful brown eyes." He smiled and placed his hand on my cheek. "Gwynne right?" I nodded. I felt like passing out. I mean Niall Horan remembers my name! "Such a pretty name. It fits just perfect for a pretty girl." I smiled.
                   *Niall's P.O.V*
When I saw her I wanted to ask her out, but I was shy, what if she hated me. I couldn't help but stare. Her beautiful hair was curled, and her brown eyes were so pretty.  When she hugged me, I almost died, I hugged her tighter I felt her smile into my neck. When everything was over "Do you know her name?" Liam asked. I was confused. "Who's?" I asked. "The ginger haired girl. I saw your reaction to her hug. So, do you know her name?" He asked.  "Gwynne. I believe she said it was Gwynne." I said. "To bad. You should've said something. Now you will never know." He said. I felt my face drop at the thought of never seeing her again. "I'm sorry." He said noticing my facial expression. When I got to the hotel I started heading for the elevator. I saw a girl and when she turned at me her mouth hug low and her eyes went wide.  "Please don't scream or cry!" I pleaded. (I am to lazy to rewrite the entire conversation.) She smiled as a response. I looked into her eyes to see staring back. I wanted to kiss her right there, but I couldn't,she didn't know me and I didn't know her... But I wanted to know her, badly. The elevator dinged. "Well this is my floor she said breaking our stare. "Really? Mine too!" I was sorta excited. This time I wasn't gonna let her go. Not until she knows how I feel.
               *Gwynne's P.O.V.*
   I was automatically excited. We were on the same floor! "That's a hint of good luck then." I said and winked. I saw his face go red, well at least I thought so. "Do you wanna come meet the boys? They should be up here already." He asked. I wanted to fan girl right there but I am not ruining this. "Sure. Wait! Can I go grab my friend? She is a big fan. But I won't let her freak out!" I said. "Yeah, sure. Why don't I come with you?" He asked. He wanted to walk me to my apartment! This is officially the best day ever! I tried to hide my excitement. "Sure. That would be great!" I said. I started walking, that's when he grabbed my hand and walked beside me. "I don't wanna get lost." He said. It was a really cute excuse. "I don't wanna lose you." I said and flashed a smile. I felt so safe I felt like nothing can bring our hands apart.  I never want to let go of him!
                   *Anna's P.O.V*
  I was sitting on the bed flipping through the channels. Bored out of my mind. Where the flippers is Gwynne. I drove her here. I hope she didn't get lost somewhere. Maybe she is trying to get in some apartment on the wrong floor. Knocking interrupted my thinking. "Yes?" I asked as I opened the door. "Anna put your shoes back on!" Gwynne said. Then I noticed who was holding her hand. It was Niall, Niall Horan. I hide my excitement, I didn't want to frighten the boy. "Okay. Where are we going?" I asked sliding on my converses. "To see the lads." Niall said. I could notice he was gazing at Gwynne. I could be wrong but it wasn't hard to figure out. We started down the hall when Gwynne dropped her phone.
                *Niall's P.O.V.*
We were walking down the hall, Gwynne's phone dropped out of her pocket. I couldn't help but stare when she bent down to pick it up. Her friend started walking my way I could tell she saw me. "Keep your eyes on the hallway." She winked and laughed at me. But how could I Gwynne was so perfect. I never wanted to let her go. I think I was falling and falling hard. In love that is. We got to Liam's room. I know that's where everyone was. Louis was beside Eleanor, Liam beside Danielle, Zayn was with Perrie, Harry was beside Louis. They  were all sitting around. When I walked in "What is this? Our Nialler found his girl?" Louis said my cheeks were burning red.
             *Gwynne's P.O.V.*
  Niall blushed. It was the cutest thing ever. And Louis called me Niall's girl, I don't mind it one bit. So we all started watching television Anna and Harry seemed to be hitting it off pretty well. I am surprised she hasn't passed out yet. My phone started ringing. It was my mom.
           *Phone conversation*
"Hello?" I answered. "Where the hell are you?!" Mom screamed. "I decided to stay at a hotel room so I didn't have to drive all the way home." I said and Niall put his arm around me. I smiled. "Did I say you could do all that I need my little punching bag NOW!" She said. "Mom I will be home in the morning." I tried to explain to her and people started to look at me now. "If you are not here by 3 in the morning I will move on to Eric!" She warned. "Mom if you put so much as a finger on him I will turn you in! I will be there in 3 hours!" I screamed. "You better you stupid little slut. Bye!" Mom ended.        *phone conversation over*
"Anna we have to go. Go check out." I said almost in tears. Anna knew about everything between my family. Hopefully I have three hours. I will never get over myself if mom touches Eric. "Okay. Just don't cry. You know what happens. Go get our stuff." Anna ordered knowing I can't give myself instructions, I had Eric on my mind. "What's happening?!" Niall asked worried. "Just time for me to go." I said. I wanted to tell him but not here. Not now its not the right time. "Do you need me to come?" He asked. "No I don't wanna drag you into this. Thank you though." I said kissing his cheek. He pulled me into a hug. It made me feel so safe, like I would never be hurt again, I started crying knowing that I was going to get hurt. It left tear marks on his shirt. He hugged me tighter as if to say be strong. I was about to leave when he handed me his number. "Don't lose it! I will be expecting a text or call. Whenever you feel like you are ready." He said and kissed my cheek and walked me out the door.
                *Niall's P.O.V.*
   I don't think she knew I heard the entire conversation. She was going to go home to be hurt for her brother. Her mom called Gwynne her little punching bag. I was so disgusted, I wanted to help. But I didn't know how. "What just happened?!" Liam asked worried. I told them about the conversation when Anna came busting through the door. "Okay I'm ready to go!" She screamed I think for Meaghan. "She was on her way downstairs already." I said. "Why doesn't she leave her mom?" Harry asked. "She is afraid her and Eric will be separated. She is only 17. She is going to the day after her 18 birthday." Anna explained. "When is that?" I asked curious. "June 7." She replied. That was only two weeks from now. I'm glad because she needed to get away. And I plan on helping her.   
              *Gwynne's P.O.V.*
  Anna finally returned to her car. I knew she was telling the boys what was going on. I was okay with it. Now they knew. I texted him as I got in the car 'Gonna miss you~Gwynne xx' I just busted into tears.  Half because she threatened me about Eric. And half because I couldn't stay with Niall he made me feel so safe. I couldn't think of never seeing each other again. My phone went off   'I will see you in two weeks can't wait. Btw where do you live ;)? ~Niall <3' I wondered what was happening in two weeks. Then I remembered it was my birthday. I sent him my address. 'Can't wait to see you! :* xx'
                     * Anna's P.O.V.*
I knew what was coming. Gwynne would have another bruise, scar, or cut to cover I wanted to help but she wouldn't let me. I knew I did the right thing when I told Niall and the boys.  I could tell Gwynne liked Niall a lot. 
               *Gwynne's P.O.V*
       "Bye Anna" I screamed and started walking home. I knocked on the door. As soon as it opened a big fist came at me. I noticed it wasn't my mom. It was her jerk of a boyfriend Zach. "The slut is home!" He screamed as as grabbed my eye. I couldn't cry they would hit my for every tear that dropped. "Finally! Get over her!" My mom came stumbling into the room. She backhanded me. "Next time you ask!" She screamed. "I was afraid," I said.  "Your turn!" She said with an evil smile and turned to Zach. "Good!" He raised his hand and smacked me. He took as his belt and repeatedly kept hitting me wherever he could reach. "Now you can go!" My mom said and motioned towards my room. She turned and made-out with Zach. "Next time I am taking your precious virginity!" Zach threatened. My mom didn't mind.  Only a week and four more days . Before my life went normal. Before everything changed.
  I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.  It was my favorite song. Heart Attack. I texted Niall to tell him bye. I knew he was on tour I was probably just another girl. He probably finds one of me in every state.
                  *Harry's P.O.V*
  Niall was so unhappy knowing we would have to move on. I couldn't blame him honestly. They were both perfect. Anna gave me her number. I have texted her.  She told me that she was worried. About Gwynne that is. I think we all were, it was obvious she got abused. Niall held it back but when they left and Gwynne started texting him he started crying. I could tell he loved her. He didn't want to leave her. If we did he was going to find his way back. I know he is.   
              *Gwynne's P.O.V.*
  I put makeup on. Covered everything up. I kept thinking about what he said. 'Next time I am taking your precious virginity!' I wanted to go. Only 1 week and 3 days. I got Eric dressed. He hugged me and apologized "I heard momma and Zach talking. I know you came home for me. Sissy you need to go. I will just hold you back. I am still only 6. I have a lot of needs if you try to raise me you may never forfill my needs. Please just go." Eric basically begged. "Eric I don't care what you say. I am never leaving you. You are my life. I would've left a long time ago but when you were born I could've brung the knife to my chest and yours to end it all before it started. But something told me to not do it.  I brought the knife only to my arm. One day we will both be out of this hell. I promise." I reassured him and kissed his head before he got in the bus he sat down then waved. I waved back forcing the tears to stay in my eyes. He wanted me to live. He wanted me to leave. Why? I am never leaving, I am never leaving him. I had a hour before the bus got here. I took the knife and put it through my skin. I put the word promise in. I made a promise to Eric. I planned to keep that promise. I always keep my promises.  He is always gonna be safe with me. This is a long shot, more like a dream but...but I will raise him like a regular child. He will be happy...the most dreamy part is that he will be happy, happy with me and Niall.

 P.S. If I accidentally have Meaghan instead of Gwynne I apologize.

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