I Promise

I am that underweight, ugly, different girl that only has one friend. I guess i have a troubled life between my brother Eric, my abusive mother, her jerk boyfriend, and my daddy's grave. Well it's true I only have one friend. She is beautiful and gets so much attention. But what made us friends is we are directioners. The only thing special about me is I have backstage passes to the new One direction concert. I thought Niall was staring at me but that's impossible...or is it?
My first movellas...if it sucks i am SO sorry.


2. Caught

* Gwynne's P.O.V*

Two more days until my birthday...three more days until my freedom. I have been texting Niall. He plans on coming back for my birthday. I was extremely excited. Maybe I wasn't just another girl...the thought made me smile.
*Niall's P.O.V* Just a couple days till I went to visit Gwynne. I planned her whole party. That was when I would tell her how I felt. It was perfect, I was gonna make that night perfect, she would turn her mom in the morning after and she would take custody of her brother. I knew she was excited by all the texts she has been sending me. But I want her to be with me. I wanted to hug her and tell her everything is alright. I knew the day she was with me it would be. I will always make sure of that. *Gwynne's P.O.V* I started to look for hotels or places to hold my party. I wanted to have a couple says on what was happening. I don't know why Niall wanted to pay for everything. Not that I had enough money to, but still. Niall's plane is coming today. Every single time I thought about him I smiled. I looked at the time. OMG! It is 5:30 already! Anna and I are supposed to pick up Niall in thirty minutes! I grabbed my stuff and ran to Anna's house "ANNA GRAB YOUR KEYS NOW!" I said. *Anna's P.O.V.* I was flipping through the channels when Meaghan came busting through. "ANNA GRAB YOUR KEYS NOW!" She said. I grabbed them and followed her outside. "What happened?!" I asked worried. "We will be late to pick Niall up!" She screamed. I busted out laughing. "What!" She asked, well more demanded. "You are gonna be 10 minutes early." I pointed out. "Well sorry I thought we would be late." She said with a puppy dog eyes. "It's okay. I mean the love of your life is flying in for your birthday!" I screamed. *Niall's P.O.V* The flight was so long! I couldn't wait to see Gwynne. To see her beautiful brown eyes. To run my fingers through her long auburn hair. It was like everything about her was perfect. I got off the plane to see her. She is the girl of my dreams I realized this when I first met her. I ran to her and picked her up and spun her around. Then I gave her a huge hug. She kissed me on my cheek. Her beautiful pink lips curved into a smile. She was beautiful. *Gwynne's P.O.V.* I wanted to kiss him. Badly, but I still thought this was a dream. So we got in the car. I left Anna all alone it the front row. She said it was ok but I still felt bad. "So, Princess, are you excited for your birthday party?" He asked winking. The sentence went through my head again. Did he really just call me Princess?! "Ummm, yeah. I can't wait!" I said trying to regain myself. "Good. I can't wait either." He said. He lightly laid his arm over my shoulder. I looked up at him, his eyes were full of love. I laid my head on my shoulder. Anna kept looking at us through her mirrors and chuckling a little bit. "What so funny?!" I asked fake pouting. "Y'all look so cute." She screeched on the word cute. "I wouldn't say that." I said. "Well why not?" Niall asked. "Because I am here." I said. "Don't say that Gwynne." Niall said. "Yeah Gwynne! Remember your beautiful" Anna said. "Yes. She is, isn't she?" Niall said staring into my eyes. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Is Harry coming? Uh...I mean are the boys coming?" Anna asked then blushed. "Yeah, they should be here tomorrow. But Harry got a flight for later today. He said and I quote 'send only Anna to pick me up'." Niall said and winked at Anna. "Okay." Anna said smiling like a fool. *Anna's P.O.V* "Anna stop by my house I need to grab my bags." Gwynne said. "Okay." I said then turned on to her street. I could tell Niall was sorta shocked at the looks of her house. "I will be right back, love." She said and gave Niall a half smile. "Okay princess." Niall said. Gwynne trotted her way down her path to her house. Well more like trailer. She walked in. *Gwynne's P.O.V.* I walked into my trailer and grabbed my bags. Anna had helped me pack yesterday. I was gonna tell my mom that I would be back later tonight. She told me to keep my clothes on unless someone paid money...funny thing is that she was serious. Then Zach exited my room and screamed "That bitch is gonna turn us in!" "What!?" I asked trying to sound confused. "I saw it!" He screamed in my face with spit coming out. "What?" I asked trying to sound innocent as I wiped my face. "The calendar." He showed it to my mother. Crap, I forgot I had written it on my calendar. I also had a huge circle over it. "You aren't going no where." My mom and Zach growled together.
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