Little Things

There are things in life that people just can't understand. Just like one direction. Even at the very mention of love they would just smile and laugh and say silly things. That is until they met THEM. Who knew 5 girls could change their life's so drastically.

"So how did we end up like this?" Niall asks.

"I don't know we just fell," Harry replies.

"We know we love them," Louis says with a sigh.

"They are all unique," Zayn says.

"It because of the little things, that we fell for," Liam finishes.


2. Chapter Two-Zayn

Chapter Two-Zayn

"That jerk" I say aloud as I leave with the guys and not with Harry. Harry was alone with emely and he was sure to get yelled at tonight for his cocky attitude.

"Calm down Zayn," Niall says as we enter my car. I smell cherry when'I enter, I always loved that rich cherry car smell.

"Why should I?" I said as I turned on my radio and a one direction song popped up. I rolled my eyes I hated hearing our songs it becomes annoying at a time. I turn the radio off.

"Hey!," Liam yells." I like that song"

I roll my eyes. Wow.

"Do I drop you guys of at the airport? I'm sure you guys will visit family" I say as my eyes are fixed on the road.

"Yea," Louis says immediately. "I'm going to visit my grandparents. What about you guys?"

"I'm going to Canada," Niall says.

"Canada? Why Canada?" Liam asks.

"I don't know, I've always wanted to visit Canada," Niall replies.

"We'll I'm going to London. And you Zayn?"

"I'm staying here," I say as I avoided questioning looks.

"Why?" They all ask in unison.

"Because I like it here in the us," I say as I pull up in the lax airport.

"Well good luck with that," Louis says as they leave the car.

"Bye.." I murmur as I drive off. I was really bored, not to mention hungry. What time was it?

I checked the time:

11:00 pm

Sure it was late but I needed a coffee. So I drive up to the nearest Starbucks. When I enter it I order a black coffee to go. But as I scan the area I see a girl with black curly hair and straight bangs, she was wearing a coat and her eyes were blue they sparkled with the moon. And she had freckles that stood out the most.

She was beautiful.

I suddenly had an itch to get to know her.

"Sir." A voice behind me said.

I quickly turn around and I see a woman with my coup of coffee. She was smiling as I handed her the money and she gave me my receipt. When i looked at my receipt there was writing on it:

Gloria-(909)555-1580 call me ;)

I turn around and Gloria was sending me flirtatious looks. Creepy I think. I looked up the girl was still sitting where she was.

Should I sit next to her? I wanna get to know her, she seems nice. So I walk up to where she was sitting and then I see Gloria's smile turn upside down. The girl looks at me and then her coffee.

"Hi," I say breaking the silence.

"I'm not interested," she says as she starts to get up.

"Wait," I say as I get up and hold her hand. She stares down at it and then at me. She then sits down.

"What do you want?" She asks irritated. What did I do?

"Well how come you're sitting here alone at midnight?" I say as I silently sip my coffee.

"Aren't you the guy from one direction?" She asks not answering my question.

"Yea my names-,"

"I know who you are," she says.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yea , you're a stupid, obnoxious prick that thinks that can walk up to any girl and toy with her feelings just because you're hot" she says. "Well let me tell you. I'm not one of those girls. I'm different." She almost yells the last part while crossing her hands

I smile.

"I'm hot?" I say smirking.

She quickly widens her eyes and covers her mouth.

"That's not what I-," she stutters."it was-, I..."

"Forget it" she says as she starts to walk away.

"Wait!," I say a second time. I get up and walk outside to where she was sitting.

"Look...," I start. She avoids my eyes.

"My names Zayn. I'm from one direction and I'm not an obnoxious prick," I say holding out my hand.

She turns to face me and then shakes my hand.

"Rozabeth," she replies this time smiling.

Rozabeth. I like that name it sounds pretty.

"Well rozabeth.. What do you say we go inside Starbucks and chat a little bit?"

"I'd like that," she says while standing up.

When we enter Gloria seems to give us questioning looks. When we sit down all was silent.

"Look.. Zayn," she said as she scratched her neck. "Sorry about that.."

"It's cool," I reply a little to urgently. What the...? What was going on I've never been this nervous before. Especially for a girl.


"Yea well can I ask why you're here?" She asks.

"Well I was craving black coffee."

"You're drinking black coffee?" She asks. "Me too !"


We were laughing our asses of because Gloria kept on giving us dead stares.

Yes. I told her about Gloria and the receipt.

"Look at her face," rozabeth whispered.

"She looks so jealous," I say as tears starts burning down my eyes. God she was so funny and beautiful.

"Would it be a crime to say that my favorite band is The Fray?" She said while her eyes and my eyes locked.

"I don't know," I say while getting close to her. "Depends"

"On what?" She said getting even more closer.

"If you give me a kiss you be forgiven." I close my eyes and stretch out my lips.

She giggles.

Then I felt something moist on my lips and I open my eyes.


Rozabeth was practically rolling on the floor laughing her ass off. I then sit next to her my face covered in jelly.

"You think this is funny?" I say.

"Yes." She squirms

I then rub my face all over her coat.

"Excuse me but you guys have to leave." Gloria said with a smirk. Rozabeth's face was red with embarrassment as we exited.

When we left Starbucks it was silent yet again.

"Well I have to go it was fun." She said. Sadness written all over her face. I didn't want to say goodbye. I liked her personality. She turned to leave.

"Wait!" I yell as I catch up to her. She turns around smiling.

"Can we meet here again?" I asked my eyes pleaded. Please, I prayed. Hopefully she'll say yes.

"5:16," she said before turning around and walking away.

5:16 it is.


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