Little Things

There are things in life that people just can't understand. Just like one direction. Even at the very mention of love they would just smile and laugh and say silly things. That is until they met THEM. Who knew 5 girls could change their life's so drastically.

"So how did we end up like this?" Niall asks.

"I don't know we just fell," Harry replies.

"We know we love them," Louis says with a sigh.

"They are all unique," Zayn says.

"It because of the little things, that we fell for," Liam finishes.


3. Chapter Three-Liam

Chapter Three-Liam

When we left Zayn's car I couldn't help but wonder how he was going to spend this vacation knowing it was almost Christmas and the jingle ball was coming up.

I wondered what Harry was doing right now. Alone. With emely. Harry was quite stupid. Me, Niall, Zayn, and Louis all knew emely liked him, at first everyone thought it was brotherly love but then after our 'Up All Night' tour when she found out one of us was hurt she immediately thought it was Harry so she got on the next plane and when she found us she didn't even let Harry take a breath with all the hugs she gave him.

Niall stopped us at the entrance thus stopping my train of thought.

"Ok guys,"he said while reaching for something in his bag. "Put this on."

People then began to stare.

"Hurry Niall." I say afraid that any unnecessary fans will pop up.

He scanned the area and quickly handed me a LA hat and fake side burns, then he went to Louis and gave him a fake mustache and a big lakers sweater. Louis put on the mustache and smiles but when he saw the lakers sweater his smile turned upside down.

"Lakers?" He scowls. "Why lakers?! No one likes the lakers" I start chuckling. Niall then smiles an evil smile.

"Exactly Louis, no one likes the lakers, so that way you'll get mad eyes at you instead of kissy faces," he replied. Louis just gave him a blank stare and muttered something over his breath. Something about that this will never work.

When we put on our disguises I looked like a 40 year old guy with a LA hat, what was the term the us calls it? I think it was 'gangster' or something like that. I smile. The things people invent. Well I looked like a gangster carrying a funny looking suitcase. Niall just shakes his brown haired head, yes he was wearing a wig and glasses.

"Your suitcase Liam, it'll blow our cover," Niall says frustrated.

"What?" I say innocently, my suitcase was like this:

Big red letters that said "I love one direction" when I got it I didn't think I would use it one day to sneak into the airport. But then again Niall shouldn't be talking. His suitcase said "I love Irish boys" in green letters. Yea these suitcases were made for girls but we loved them. Louis's made me laugh it said "I love carrots".

"You're one to talk,"I say. My gaze then goes to Louis and I see he's rocking his fake mustache and the lakers sweater.

Well, one things for sure: Niall was right. Louis was getting dead stares.

Wow. America these days. I can't wait to go to London, I was going there to visit Susan. Susan is a little girl diagnosed with breast cancer. She's 14. When she wrote to me I was touched she said:

Dear Liam,

You might not read this but I love you so much can you visit me? In London? My sister Claire said that one direction sucks and that they'd never visit me but I just want you. Please? I know Claire is just looking out for me, ever since I've been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please come?

Sincerely, Susy <3

So I promised her and myself I would visit. We then handed the girl out tickets. We then went inside the plane. I took the window seat whilst Niall and Louis sat next to me. First class was ok what I hated was that Niall would call the lunch ladies like 5,000,000 times asking if she had any nandos or food, Louis just asked for carrots. We looked like complete fat arse, even though I did not eat any thing!!! We kept getting weird faces. The plane still didn't move for gods sake! We have to wait 30 minutes.

"Ms.? Can I get some more food please?" I roll my eyes.children.

"Oh and some carrots" Louis added.

"Guys cut it," I say irritated. "You'll get sick"

Niall smiled and Louis snickered.

"Daddy Direction much?" They both say. Was it so wrong to look out for them? Sure I told them to clean there rooms and shower and to take turns when playing the x-box but what can I say, they would be a mess if I didn't do anything.

"Shutup," I say.

"Don't worry Liam, Louis is just mad because Harry is not here so that means no more Larry Stylinson," Niall said pretending to sob like a hurt Irish boy.

Louis pretended something hit his heart and painfully fell dead on his seat.


Uh oh. It's Paul. Our body guard.

" 'ello?" I said.

"Liam where the hell have you boys been?!" He half yelled/question.

"Don't worry the boys and I and I are riding solo"I reassure him.

"No tell me where you guys are or else ima-,"

Click. And there goes the call.

"Oh. My. God." Exclaimed Niall. "Youjusthangeduponpaulyouaresodead"

"Relax, enjoy the new daddy direction," Louis said. But earning a dead glare from me.

Instantly a ladly came telling us to power down our phones and to put on our seat belts.

I sighed. This was going to be a long ride.


After we departed our ways Louis a boarded the next plane to visit his grandparents and Niall went to go to Canada.

Well all I needed was a taxi to visit Susan.


A/n: Vote? pretty please? Comment. Please? Anyways enough of my begging Sory I haven't updated it I have a life you know.;) just kidding its cuz I'm a freshmen *14* and I just made it to cross country and Im in varsity for second fastest girl(first fastest is this girl named Michele and she's a sophomore. Wow.) any ways now that's that over track and field is starting and I wanna try to make it to varsity again. I also have church school cuz i didn't do my first communion. Plus I have algebra two and I hate it x( stupid me being smart so ill update when I can.

Ps. Every boy(Niall, Louis, Harry,Zayn, and Liam.) are all single so no Perrie or Eleanor or Danielle or Taylor

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