Little Things

There are things in life that people just can't understand. Just like one direction. Even at the very mention of love they would just smile and laugh and say silly things. That is until they met THEM. Who knew 5 girls could change their life's so drastically.

"So how did we end up like this?" Niall asks.

"I don't know we just fell," Harry replies.

"We know we love them," Louis says with a sigh.

"They are all unique," Zayn says.

"It because of the little things, that we fell for," Liam finishes.


1. Chapter One-Harry

Chapter One-Harry




I always heard my name as I walked onto the stage. Everyone seemed to love me. Good thing tomorrow will be the first day of 2 month vacation before we star in the annual jingle ball or jingle bell concert. Whatever. All I cared about right now was tomorrow.

"Harry!" Zayn whispered ferociously. Oh oh that was my cue, I almost forgot we were in concert. Before I sang I flashed the crowd one my awesome smiles.

All I hear is the crowd going wild and I can practically hear Zayn rolling his eyes. I then started singing.

"Everyone else in the room can see it, every one else but you-ooh" I saw a girl faint.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else"

"The way that you flip your hair make me overwhelmed"

"And when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell"

"You don't know-oh oh- you don't know your beautiful"

I made sure my voice was loud. I loved the attention. After that Zayn started singing. Ok I'll admit it he sings good but he can do better.

We finished with the song moments. And then we were supposed to bow. I made sure that I was the last one to bow and made it extra sexy. When I finished the bow I blew an air kiss and I saw almost all the girls catching it. I rolled my eyes.

Way too easy.

When I got off the stage I was greeted with a pissed off looking Zayn.

"What the hell was that Harry?!"

"Singing.Duh Zayn. You should know, we do it all the time." I smirked. I knew this wasn't gonna end good. Then Zayn walked up closer to me until our faces were only inches apart.

"Listen here and listen now Harry, we-"

"I'm listening," I give him a huge grin. Then Zayn brought up his fist and it collided with my cheek. By instinct I bring up my fist and feel his eye. Louis then grabs me. And Liam grabs Zayn.

"Knock it off you guys!" Liam yells.

"This is not good" I hear Louis murmur. That's when Niall walked in.

With a cake.

"Hey guys, guess what! I found some chocolate cake. It's so-" he stopped when he noticed blood pouring from my lip. And then he dropped the cake.

"Nooooo!!!!!" Louis said as he let go of me and dropped on his knees next to the cake."What did the cake ever do to you!?" He said while pointing a finger from Zayn to me.

Me and Zayn then look at each other and then to Louis, and burst out laughing. But then when Liam lets go of Zayn. Zayns smile vanishes and when he passes by me he shoves me and leaves. When Louis, Liam, and Niall saw that, they were staring at me and shaking their heads.

"Shutup" I say as I leave to my dressing room.

I really didn't care after all it WAS Zayn that attacked me first the bloody asshole was asking for it.

After that our agent. Emely fabburietta told us to meet at the studio in exactly four months. Zayn, Niall and the others left. They normally didn't leave without me but today I was pissed and they knew it, plus emely asked me to stay after.

Emely even though she's 19 she's very successful, I guess that's what happens when someone goes to college.

"Harry" she started. Emely was the only person I truly expressed myself to. I never lied to her ever. She was... Well she was my best friend.

"Emely don't, this is Zayn's fault he was being a jerk."

"Harry you have got to stop," she said as her dark brown straight hair moved when she took of her glasses. She was wearing a blue teal dress and her auburn eyes stood staring at me with pity and this other emotion I couldn't quite decipher.

"Drop it," I said avoiding her eyes. She sighed as a sign of giving up. Usually she was stubborn but today she could tell I wasn't in the best of moods. She then stood up and sat next to where I was sitting.

"How you been kiddo?" She said as she patted my back.

"Kiddo?" I say as I grin."remember I'm older, even if you're my agent"

"Yea but this agent controls your schedule for the next four months, also your image, now would it be a shame if something terrible happened, wouldn't it be?" She smirked.

Man she was evil.

"What was that?," I smirked

"What?" She said

"I can record you for saying that," her smirked immediately vanishes.

"Harry you know clearly well I hate being recorded! My voice sounds like crap," she scowls.

"Calm down," I said. "I'm just kidding, or should I say Harry-ing around,"

"Wow," she chuckles. "We'll aren't you a mr. Jokester,"

"Anyways...," she stood up and said." How've you been?"

"Nothing much. Just worried."


"I haven't banged any chick in two weeks," I said as I pouted.

"Wow...," she said." Your penis must be suffering" she rolled her eyes. "Anyways, it's getting late. I have a busy schedule.

"Me too" it was getting late.

"If anything happens you have my number."

"Ok then," I say as I lean in for a kiss on the cheek, but then something weird happened.

Emely turned her head and our lips were locked. I couldn't help it. Her lips were so soft so I kissed her. At first I didn't get anything back but she kissed me back. Her hands went through my hair messing it up as my hands made circles on her back. We both moved in sync as my tongue asked for the entrance to her mouth, which she gladly allowed. I allowed my tongue to explore her mouth and then I heard a low moan which satisfied my ears. Then her tongue made her way into my mouth and took control.

Then her phone rang.

She immediately opened her eyes and shock and realización was written all over face and she pushed me away and ran through the exit and into her car.

"Emely!" I yelled.

She drove off.

What the fuck just happened i asked myself as i stroked my lips. I made out.


But not only that.


I finally came to a conclusion :

-The punch Zayn gave me really fucked me up.

As I got into my car I thought I needed company to clear this and just as I expected I still saw some fans out there just waiting for me. I saw this nice brunette one.

'Good' I thought 'pretty and stupid'

"Hey" I said as I stopped my car in front of the brunette and her friends."what's your name?"

She giggled and finally said "Alex"

"We'll Alex," I say as I smirked. "Want a ride?"

She nodded up and down such like a bobble head.

"Get in," I say. She then practically runs to the door.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

I smirk.

"You'll see"

______________3 hours later______________

What was happening to me!! I was gonna get laid tonight but all I was thinking as I was kissing the brunette was emely's lips against mine.


Her brown hair was all over my face while we were kissing. 'Yay' I think. 'Finally, after two weeks' Then the unexpected happened, her tongue went inside my mouth and I felt nothing expect disgust. It wasn't like emely's..... Emely's kiss was perfect, sweet and dominant at the same time. Alex or Alexis's, whatever her name was, was just disgusting

"Baby what's wrong,"She said.

"Nothing," I murmur. Alex then smiles and comes to me and starts unbottoning my shirt.

I push her away.

"Baby? What's wro-,"

"You have to leave," I say as I button up my shirt.

"But why?" She said.

Why? Yea she was ok but I could do way better....

'Like who...Emely?' A voice inside my head says. What was wrong with me I've only known emely for two years and I've never felt this way before.

'No' I thought. 'I couldn't'

If the agency found out we even kissed they'd have emely's ass out in the street.

"Let's go," I say as I headed towards the exit of the hotel and in my car.

"Fine," she said slamming my door.

"Where do I drop you off?"

"The corner in front of toys r us," she said.


I needed to talk to emely. So I typed her a text:

We need to talk...

I then erase it and type this instead:

I need to see you...

I then press send. My alarm then went off in my bed.and I turn it off. Man... 6:00 already and I haven't slept at all. The last thing I remember before knocking out was emely..

Well how was it? Vomment you guys! Love me or hate me?

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