Little Things

There are things in life that people just can't understand. Just like one direction. Even at the very mention of love they would just smile and laugh and say silly things. That is until they met THEM. Who knew 5 girls could change their life's so drastically.

"So how did we end up like this?" Niall asks.

"I don't know we just fell," Harry replies.

"We know we love them," Louis says with a sigh.

"They are all unique," Zayn says.

"It because of the little things, that we fell for," Liam finishes.


4. Chapter Four-Louis

OMG!!!!! did you guys hear about mr.x???? about the whole trying to kill one direction!!! those bitches cant kill one direction!!!! ill cry forever if they do:'(.... amd did you hear about haylor? gosh, ima mesh. anyways chapter three. Dudes i have 26 views! yay! so an you please vote or comment. please i'd appreciate it a lot so i wont keep saying im writing this to myself.-.

P.s: when they say grandmum and switch to mum or grandad or dad it's the same thing. So grandad=dad, grandmum=mum

Chapter Four-Louis

As the sunlight rays pierced through my window shattering my carroty sleep i sigh. Time to get out of my footsie Jammies. I looked around my childhood room.

Walls painted blue. Baby pictures hanging. Carrot pillows. Of course with extra big boy Louis in there. Big boy Louis brought in our albums. And posters of my favorite band... One, no. My favorite band is red jumpsuit apparatus. I loved them, especially when they sing Your Guardian Angel. They were my inspiration when I tried out for the x-factor.


"yes grandmum?"

"time to eat!"

"ok granmum, coming." i groan. the bed was so comfy, soft, but my stomach said otherwise. Surely mum had carrots next to breakfast or maybe a carrot cake? stop it louis, you're over thinking things, theres only one thing to find out.

Ten minutes later and a hot shower i quickly get dressed into red skinny jeans and a striped shirt with black TOMS.
I looked nice.

I then run downstairs but immediately I knew it was a mistake because I pass HER room and HER foot trips me and I eat it(a/n- when someone 'eats it' that means they fall hard) Then I hear HER laughter throughout the living room heading towards the kitchen.

"Haha retard," she said,"watch your step"

"Why you little.." I say not finishing my sentence because ill leave that to her imagination, plus I had too many words I can describe her to. She was my worst enemy. My happy mood drops when I even see HER.

" 'ello grandmum." Her voice said killing my ears drums. When I walk in after her, she quickly takes my seat, along with my breakfast.

"You don't mind Lou, right?" She said aware that mum was hearing.

"Why no, I don't mind," I say dreading the last word."Best friend" God I almost threw up. You see this girl sitting in MY seat was my childhood best friend but now all of that changed when I returned from the x-factor. Now she's a complete stranger. That also lives with us.

Why you ask.

Because her parents died in a tragic car accident and my grandparents decided to adopt her.

" 'ello dear, how 'twas your mornin?" Mummy said smiling as usually, making breakfast.

"Very hilarious," she said, her amber eyes eyeing me up and down.

I smirk, finally my chance.

"See something you like?" I say motioning my hand towards my body.

Her smirk instantly drops and she turns red.

"" She stuttered. She was wearing a blue dress that matched her raven jet black hair. Her silver eyes flew onto mines.

If looks could kill...

I then walk up to her and smile seductively.

"It's ok, Breezy, I know I'm irresistible," I whisper in her ear and then walk to the seat across from where she was sitting.

She opened her mouth as if she was about to say something but then closed it and for a second I thought I saw the old Breezy, my old best friend, but that only lasted about 5 seconds then coldness filled her eyes once more.

"Here you go lad." Grandmummy says handing me my sunny side up eggs and my carrots. I instantly smile.

I love carrots.

I mean its not like I was obsessed with them or anything... I would only trade in 1,000,000,000,000 dollars for the last carrot in the world.. No biggie. Or maybe just murder someone, I don't know.. Depends. I then put the carrot in my mouth about to eat it.

"Oh my dear, Louis," Breezy says. I roll my eyes. Can't a man eat his carrots in peace?!

"Here is some salt if ya darlins need some," mummy says putting the salt on the table then continuing washing the dishes.

"Can I have your carrot?" Breezy continues, raising her eyebrow as a challenge for me to say no in front of mummy, which was now giving me a 'she's gone through a lot, just give her the damn carrot'

I smile a fake smile.

"Sure Breezy," I say handing her my LAST carrot. "I love you soo much I'm willing to give you my last carrot, which you will eat in about 5 seconds"


"Ow!" I say and I quickly noticed granny backhanded me.

Brezzy laughs out loud.

Can someone please kill me now???!!!!

After about fifteen minutes me and breezy finished our eggs and ganny went to the store to get groceries, breezy's carrots still untouched.

She broke the silence.

"You know Louis," she said getting up. "What I love about carrots?" She purred walking towards the trash can.

"What?" I say quickly alert. Please don't. Please don't. NOT THE CARROT. NOT THE CARROT!!!!!!

"I love throwing them away," she said dropping the carrot inside the trash can. NOOO!!!!! I say. This time sadness doesn't fill me.

Anger Does.

"Listen Bitch, Why the hell do you like to kill people's lives? Just because you are a mother fuckin no life doesn't mean I'll put up with your shit. Let me tell you something, you worthless pathetic excuse for a human being, just because you have no parents doesn't mean you are going to hate the people who do. Hell, I bet you you your parents feel like they are in heaven living without you."I spat.

At the moment I said the last words. She slapped me.


I looked up and her silvery eyes are red and her face covered in tears. Her hair in a mess.

"Don't ever say anything like that to me Louis Tomlinson!! Ever!!!," she pushed me aside and then she ran upstairs as realization draw we on me...

Oh shit....

Why did I say that? I'm such an asshole!!!! I can hear her sobbing in her room. I KNEW the whole parent issue on her was delicate, even SAYING mummy hurt her a little.

What should I do?


Well I'll update soon...










HA HA JUST KIDDING!!! I hate cliffhangers as much as you do so let's get back to the action..


I walk slowly upstairs.

Ok I can do this. Apologize for being a dick. I am really guilty. I really was I kept repeating it in my head as a tear slid down my cheek.

Three more steps till I get to her room...

I really shouldn't have done that breezy...


I am really sorry...


I'd do anything for your forgiveness...


"Bree?" I say saying our childhood nickname. I push open the door and notice her sobs has stopped. She lay on her bed clutching on her teddy bear like a princess.

I smiled foolishly.

Back then when we were eight or nine we would play in her backyard, in her playhouse.


8 year olds

"Oh help me! Who will save me?" She shrieked. On top of the old oak tree.

"I will" I said as I lunged my sword into the imaginary fire breathing dragon. It was HUGE. With three horns. With two tongs, and super sharp nails!!

"Take that!" I say! I stabbed it in one of its many eyes.

"And that!" I shriek.

"And this!" I scream, I pierced my sword through its bumping heart. I did it!!!!! I killed it!!! I killed the fire breathing dragon!!!

"Handsome prince, you saved me!!! Alas you still have one more task to save me." She yells on top of the tree.

"What is it? Oh Dearest princess, your wish is my command!" I yell.

"Will you get me a cup of tea?" She asks her voice turning normal again. "Oh please Louis, pretty please, it is quite chilly out hear."

I smile.

"Anything for my princess." I say running inside her house. Looking for tea. I eye the table. Nothing there. After about fifteen minutes I stride towards breezy. She was on the table outside. Her chin resting on the palm of her hand, legs crossed looking bored and pouting.

She instantly brightened when she saw that i came with her cup of tea. Standing up on the table she yells:

"Prince! You made it! You passed the task! Please place the tea on the table."

I bow my head down as i place the cup of tea on the table. Then I put one knee down still with my head down.

"Princess." I say.

"I know pronounce you my best friend for life, Louis Tomlinson, forever. Do you accept?"

"Always princess. I swear to thee I will never leave your side ever!" I say putting a fist to my heart.

"Very we'll then," she said jumping off the table.

"Want some tea Louis?" She asks now tired of playing princess and prince.

"No thanks breezy" I say.

"You know one day well get married and have babies just like mummy and daddy" she says.

"And have a car that we can ride everywhere so we can go to America and visit the vampire state building" I continue

"Vampire state building?" She asks, wrinkling her nose.

"Oops," I say chuckling. "Empire state building."

" After that we can go on a dote" she exclaimed.

This time it was my turn to wrinkle my nose.

"Dote?" I say. "Isn't it date? My parents always go on dates." I finish, slightly confused.

She makes her lips into an 'O'

"Then me and you can kiss under a full moon full of stars," I continue.

"Yes!" She shrieked. "I can't wait for that to happen."

"Me either" I said.

It was now late and grandmum told us to go inside.


I sit next to her on her bed and I caressed her cheek.

God.. She was beautiful...

She was transformed from a girl to a woman. Her chest grew, she had a lot of curves and her hair perfectly straight.

And those eyes....




But then again....


"Listen Bitch, Why the hell do you like to kill people's lives? Just because you are a mother fuckin no life doesn't mean I'll put up with your shit. Let me tell you something, you worthless pathetic excuse for a human being, just because you have no parents doesn't mean you are going to hate the people who do. Hell, I bet you you your parents feel like they are in heaven living without you."I spat.


"I am so sorry," I whisper in her ear. "Princess, My princess" I say kissing her forehead gently.

"Louis..." She murmurs tossing in her sleep.

"I....," she murmurs.

"Yes..." I whisper.


"What princess?" I say.

"I lo-hate you!" She says fully awake and moves away from me.

"Breezy, look I'm really sorry," I began.

"Save it" she spat with so much anger and venom." Out of my room Tomlinson"

"I'm sorry, I truly am" I say pouring my heart out. She sees my eyes and then understandment fills hers.

"Prove it" she says.

Prove it? How? I smirk. I KNEW how

"Let me take you to dinner" I said. She shoots an eyebrow up.

She opens her mouth as if to say something but no words come out.

"7:00 pm. Wear something classy." I say walking out of her room leaving her speechless.

Oh My God.... I just asked her out.....


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