Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


27. Who Is "Jake"

Madison's POV 


What time is it I think to myself... "Time to wake up Madi!" Huh? "What the heck Jake how did you get in my house!" "Well it's 10 am.Also your sister let me in" "UGH COME ON MIRANDA!" I yelled at my little sister.Well,obviously her name is Miranda and we live together as simple as that. "Anyways get out Jake I need to change so get out!" I snapped. "Oh feisty I like it" He replied "Shut up" I said as I pushed him out of the room.(BTW MY POLYVORE NAME IS emily-stones) here is how I looked: "Wow you look pretty" Jake complimented me. "Thanks wanna go to Starbucks with me?" I ask "Sure I'll drive" Jake replied "Thanks..hey what happened did my sister put you up to am I dreaming.You better answer my questions!" I said "Madi Madi Madi" was all he said.Once we got there I ordered me a vanilla latte and he ordered a white chocolate mocha. "Yum" I said while sipping on my latte "Yum" Jake said while mimicking me. So I pushed him playfully.Right then and there Niall just walked in."Oh hey Niall!" "Hey Madison" "Oh yeah this is Jake my idiot friend!" "Hey! Jake said while hugging me from the back.After that we started to chit chat and Jake told more about himself.I hope they both get along.

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