Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


17. Waking up to Lavender

Emily's POV Huh I guess I spent the night at Eleanor's house. All I saw was lavender (not really all I saw). Eleanor was already awake making pancakes. " Yum pancakes!!" I shouted " Calm your buns" she replied. Typical Eleanor. I went and got out the whip cream and syrup. Eleanor already put the bacon on the pan. "Sooooo what you wanna do today" Eleanor asked. "We'll we could go go the park" I replied. "Sure ok" she said. Around 1 pm we headed to the park.

Andre's POV "I feel bad for ditching Emily all these days" I told Jasmine we were watching rug rats oh how funny that show is I think. "Oh please I bet she's fine with Eleanor" she replied "Ok" I said. I decided to call all the girls to play laser tag. Eleanor and Emily were coming around 3 and we decided to leave at 4 well let me just go get ready.

Eleanor's POV I hope it's gonna be fun I never really played laser tag before I'm sure Emily has. Me and Emily drove down all the way to Jasmine's house since it was like 3:57 and there was nothing really to say we all headed down to the laser tag place yay going to play laser tag wee!!! Wow I sound like that pig heheh
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