Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


2. Waiting for the call

I didn't really live anywhere only with my friend Jasmine really outgoing and caring girl I told her everything about Zayn. I saw him before but where? I Google searched him then realized he was in One Direction. I was wondering how I didn't recognize him then I was reminded by Honey Boo Boo saying u better redneck anise good times. After I told Jasmine about what went down she started screaming I slapped her slapped me back I decide to go take a nap. I woke up to my butt vibrating it was a text from Zayn saying If I would like to go to the movies with him I said yes and told Jasmine she started screaming again but i let it go. She picked out my outfit even though we were going to the movies tomorrow I agreed to wear it tomorrow because she would have been mad I slept after we picked the outfit. Then I heard someone screaming in my ear painful but it was useful because it was 3:00 pm and Zayn said he would get me at 4:00. I started freaking out then I realized I better get change all I was wearing was duck pajamas Jasmine saw me then she started laughing I was laughing to after she fell down the stairs. I went to the bathroom showered did my makeup and got ready after putting my outfit on I felt my phone vibrating from my bum it was Zayn. He showed up just on time I grabbed my bag and headed to a black car He said I looked beautiful i hope he meant it. Wish me luck!
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