Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


7. Twitter, Kidnapped?

Andre's POV We got to the party around 7:37 then we saw them in the pool I was mad and happy because I didn't bring my bikini oh well. Niall was with the food and alcohol. I went over to go get a drink which turned out to be ten I was really drunk actually everyone was we were dancing like crazy. Then Zayn led me upstairs to his room. He then took of my clothes and we did it. He was good. After that me and Jasmine went home after we were sober. I then felt my bum vibrate ugh Zayn. But it wasn't Zayn I got about billions of twitter notifications. And then I saw it people calling me a whore slut and an ugly fat girl. I was made but I didn't go cut myself. I replied thanks to all those haters and non-directioners ur really pretty * NOTE THE SARCASM*. Then there was one that caught my eye saying that all these haters have to take a chill pill and that their just jealous it wasn't the worst but it made me lighten up. I went to bed after that then realized I was in a mini van it was dark I could barely see a thing I looked out the window black I screamed hello nothing. Awesome just awesome
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