Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


24. Not Gonna Happen!!!

Jasmine's POV 



OMG!!!! "I can't believe someone would hit Madison with a bat,in the head!!" I yelled.We were in the hospital and the doctors have told us someone has hit her in the head with a bat.Madison was now in a coma and I was really worried whoever did this to her will be sorry they ever lived!


                        (1 day later)



Jasmine's POV



I woke up this morning and went over to the bathroom and got changed into this after I put on my shoes I went out the door to go and see Madison.The doctors just let her go about a day ago     I was so happy they let her go then I could go see Madison.I walked down there and rang the bell she opened the door and hugged me really tight I hugged her back and we started to make small talk and all.I suggested that I should sleep with her so that person doesn't come again and try to even kill her.She agreed cautiously though I guess she was just still afraid.When it was about 8pm Madison drifted off upstairs to go sleep I had to follow since I promised to watch her.After we changed we both started laughing this was what we were wearing .(Jasmine left,Madison right) "Seriously tweety bird!!!" Madison said laughing. "Hey what about u!!! Hello kitty!!" I bursted laughing "Touché" said Madison then we drifted off to sleep.Creak,I heard.What the heck was that!

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