Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


21. Meeting Jazzy?

Madison's POV 


Well hi i'm Madison you probably don't know me that well my name is Madison my age is none of your business i like pie and cookies.I was just sitting at the table until a girl named Jasmine and her friends came and sat down.Jasmine and I had some small talk and we both exchanged numbers.She looked really pretty I had all the classes together with her how awesome and we haven't even noticed each other after we sat next to each other in every class well except for 2 classes how lucky are we though.School just got a little better.



Jasmine's POV 


It appears me and Madison have like every class together and we sit next to other in each class well except for 2.Wow now I'm looking forward to school.Weird.Madi (Madison's nickname),Andre,Emily,and I all walked back home together believe it or not she lived across from us.Yeah sounds like I'm lying but it really is the truth.I decided to go over to her house and play and stuff.When we got there we decided to go make a cake.I barely know how to make one but Madi taught me she was really good at making cakes.The best part was that she had that whippy icing I was so happy because I really don't like the dried up icing on cupcakes or cakes apparently she doesn't like it either.I'm so happy she came into my life.


Sydney's POV 


OMG!!!! How could she find another BFF so quick ugh that girl is so gonna pay!!!!

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