Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


16. Juicy Couture time

Emily's POV

I called Eleanor asking if she wanted to go to juicy couture she said she hasn't been there in a while and agreed I told her I would pick her up at 11 am since its around 8 am. I went to the bathroom to go shower and I wonder where Andre and Jasmine has gone out to I guess they probably spent the night with Zayn and Harry. I feel so left out. After I straight my hair, brushed my teeth, showered I went to go mix some pancake mix. After the pancakes were done I put whip cream on them and started eating. When I finished it was 10 am. So I went to my closet and picked some stuff from Wet Seal to wear. Now I was driving in he car of to Eleanor's flat. She was wearing a lavender top that said "Great story bro tell it again". Also some wet seal jeans plus lavender all stars. The car ride was kinda quiet. When we got to Juicy couture we got some stuff not a lot though here was what we got http://www.polyvore/juicy_couture_my_movella/set?id=71257691. When we got in the car she asked me if I wanted to come inside the flat with her. I agreed. When we got in there there was lavender walls, rug, and chairs. " You must like lavender" I said. She just started laughing. Then I started. Then we were all over the floor laughing on the ground tearing up. After we calmed down we watched some Bad girls club for some reason that show makes me laugh.
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