Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


26. Jake

Madison's POV



School is here and I feel so joyful for some reason I woke up and put my baby lips pink punch on and do my hair in a bun.I decided to put a little makeup and dress into this I wasn't in the mood to be all flashy and all.I decided to walk to school alone,I walked into class and sat in my seat waiting for Jasmine I guess she was lat because she is always running late.Then this guy who seemed like he was from Australia because of his accent came up to me and asked for my number and I said "Jerk much" "pretty much" he replied."Uh if you thing you can just walk up to me without saying your name and ask for my phone number you must be a jerk" I said."Follow me" he said."no" I replied."Fine then I guess I'll just sit here in your little friends seat here for the rest of the day and keep bothering you,also the names Jake" he said "Fine Jake".He got up and I followed him he led me outside and around the corner, "Hey! you know I'm not gonna skip classes or even school!" I said "I know" he replied. He led me into this secret entrance thingy and I saw a path with lakes and beautiful flowers I decided to pick some up they were so pretty.We then walked into a room that was so beautiful it was like a lounge or so I never new this even existed.I was speechless."Oh no I left my phone inside school and I have to call someone important can I see your phone? Please!!" he asked. "Um sure" I said. He took my phone and dialed a number down he handed me the phone saying they didn't pick up it was time to go and we were about 2 minutes late so I started to run then he ran after me trying to keep up I have to say I was a fast runner once we got in I quickly went to my seat and I saw Jasmine next to the seat. "Where were you" she said. "Somewhere secret" I said. "Tell me" she replied "No" I said "Come on" "No" "Come on" "No" "Fine" she finally said "I met a guy named Jake he's ok he's not like great but ok I think" I went up to Jake and said "The names Madison" "Nice to meet you Madi" he replied "I didnt agree for a nickname" I said "I didnt ask either" he said. That boy is really REALLY something.Kinda cute.SHUT UP MADI. Aww great got me saying something.

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