Dear Diary

This is a diary entry from the narrator its all make a believe.Its all written in the diary


25. Jail For You!

Jasmine's POV 




After I heard the creak I decided to jump out of bed making sure not to wake up Madison and go to a dark corner near the door.Seconds later a dark shadowy figure popped up into the room it walked over to the bed.I could make out it had red strands of hair poking out of a dark black hoodie like the one I see in pretty little liars.Yeah I watch that show.Anyways when the figured lifted up a dark figure that looked like a bat shape I quickly tip toed over and covered the persons' eyes and mouth.But since I was too loud Madison woke up.She then screamed and I pulled the persons' hoodie down."Sydney!" Madison said."Sydney?" I asked confused."Sydney here used to be my BFF".Speaking of BFF I have had much time with Andre lately."I'm calling the cops" I said and took the bat out of Sydney's hand.



(5 mins later)



Madison's POV




The cops showed up and I was so glad they were here they locked her up for a good amount of years.Everyone was at the police station and I mean everyone.I was so tired I went to sleep then I felt a car moving then bed.I just hope it's my bed

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